Horse Riding Field in Cattle Farm by OOIIO Architecture

First class horse riding facilities reformed from a traditional country house

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OOIIO Architecture在西班牙卡斯蒂利亚的一处特殊场地上开展了新的项目:将农场改造为用于训练和照看跳跃赛马的场地。

OOIIO Architecture developed a deep refurbishment in a cattle farm, located in a privileged enclave of the fields of Castilla, to adapt it to sports facilities for the training and care of jumping competition horses.

▼鸟瞰图,aerial view

▼开阔的四边形空间,由四个围栏围合而成,the horse riding arena is ultimately a large quadrangular space, bounded by four fences


The architects task consisted of integrating a horse riding field into a large traditional country house and reforming old stables to bring them up to date, so the new group of buildings will become first class riding horses facilities, at the service of some beautiful competition horses, which they are undoubtedly the real protagonists of this place, where every detail is designed for them, so that they feel as comfortable as possible.

▼设计示意图,design diagram

骑马场最终呈现为一个开阔的四边形空间,由四个围栏围合而成,中间的驯马及练习场地铺设了柔软的地面。在跳跃型赛马竞技中,骑马的规则包括零失误地穿越设有数个障碍物的跑道,同时不能使障碍物坍塌。比赛成绩取决于速度、追逐、力量等多个方面,需要用精密记时表来计算。这些赛马会根据高度(1’10 m至1’60 m)被分至不同的小组。

A horse riding arena is ultimately a large quadrangular space, bounded by four fences, with soft ground where riders and horses are trained, in this case for jumping competitions, a discipline of horse riding consisting of crossing a course of several obstacles on horseback constructed with bars, without committing any fault or toppling. The tests are disputed following several scales: against clock, hunting, power, with chronometer, etc. and they are classified into different groups according to the heights, which range between 1’10 m. and 1’60 m.

▼室外驯马及练习场地铺设了柔软的地面,riders and horses are trained on the with soft ground


The original building was in the shape of a rectangle, with a central courtyard that acts as an outdoor arena and, in order to train on rainy days, it is decided to build the new covered riding arena, demolishing one of the arms of the rectangle and integrating the new construction with the rest of the great country house. The new building has as its ultimate goal to protect from inclement weather, but also had to have good lighting as neutral as possible. Lots of light but well distributed, they did not want shadows that could distract or confuse the horses when jumping, so it is decided to open skylights on the north deck, which fill the interior with natural light, without a single ray of the strong Spanish sunlight inside.

▼建筑的北侧增设了天窗,skylights were opened on the north deck

▼一连串天窗宛如鲨鱼的鳃部,a succession of skylights look like the gills of a shark


The arena was then solved by large porches that spaced a distance of 30 meters each, with broken triangular beams that make up a singular gable roof, integrated with the rest of the building, which opens to the north light with a succession of skylights in peak that let light through the soul of the beams of each portico, as if it were the gills of a shark.The new roof formed by that repetition of skylights, and seen from the distance in the beautiful the landscape around the farm, is shown as a repetition of frozen waves in the middle of a vast expanse of field around it.

▼新的带顶骑马场地使雨天也能够训练,the new covered riding arena was designed to train on rainy days


The traditional pre-existing building seems to embrace the new element as if to integrate it into the whole. The colour of the walls made with large pieces of prefabricated concrete that close the riding arena, the doors and carpentry, the roof, in short all the external aspect of the new element, wants to imitate and integrate into what was already there.

▼马厩,horse stable


The blocks that surround the new piece, were refurbished and adapted to become first level sports facilities, fully equipped. So the riders, caregivers and, mainly the horses can enjoy, train and rest comfortably.

▼建筑远景,a distant view

▼首层平面图,ground floor plan

▼屋顶平面图,roof plan

▼剖透视图,sectional perspectives


Designed by OOIIO Architecture.
TEAM: Joaquín Millán Villamuelas, Manuel Fernández Corral, Natalia Garmendia Cobo.
Project Year: 2014-2018.
Location: Madrid, Spain.
Area: 2.350 m2.
Client: Private.
Image credits: OOIIO Architecture, Josefotoinmo.

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