Horizons by Carlos Jiménez

They were born while cutting pieces of wood

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西班牙年轻设计师Carlos Jiménez看见家居用品生产时总是产生一些废弃三角形或四边形的切割木料,他便开始思考如何让这些废弃小物重新获得价值,成为产品。经过一定时间的把玩,他觉得这些小木块儿能堆叠出山峦和建筑。

最终Carlos Jiménez开发出一个12块小木块组成的拼图积木,将他们组合在一起能形成5座大山,或者以山为背景的城市景观。


Horizons is a home decorative product that was born while cutting pieces of wood.
When cutting pieces of wood, there are always small pieces that are not used and normally they end on the trash. This time I put my eye on those small pieces and I started thinking how I could use them into a product. Most of them were triangles and 4 side pieces. After been playing with them for a while I thought they could be mountains and buildings.

The result is a puzzle composed by 12 pieces of wood. All the pieces together form 5 big mountains. These 12 pieces can also form two other horizons, one mountain landscape and one urban landscape. This combination can remember the continuous transformation of the nature into the urban environments.

This puzzle allows the customers to play with the forms composing new horizons.











About the designer
Carlos Jiménez is a young Spanish designer. He began his studies in Málaga and after three years, in 2011 he moved to Sweden. His style can be defined as a mix between Mediterranean influences and Scandinavian design. He always try to combine traditional and new materials into new shapes and products.

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