Homesick by Nuno Pimenta

A sky-high shelter

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这座名为“乡愁”的建筑/装置作品,位于葡萄牙的小乡村Cem Soldos。后者跟葡萄牙境内的许多村庄一样,随着村民越来越多地涌向大城市或国外,正在慢慢地消失。

‘Homesick’ was built in a small village in Portugal, Cem Soldos. One of those that continuously tend to disappear in the Portuguese interior territory due to the constant migration of people to the larger coastal cities or abroad.

002-HOMESICK by Nuno Pimenta


Migration usually is a dichotomy in itself, it represents the love and desire for what despises us, a sick home with which we relate but permanently repels us.

003-HOMESICK by Nuno Pimenta


This installation aims to metaphorically and physically recreate this mixed feelings. It is a sky-high shelter, a house that arouses curiosity and empathy from its shape, golden hue and its enigmatic interior but it is placed three stories above ground in a fragile and light scaffolding structure.

005-HOMESICK by Nuno Pimenta


Visitors start the feel uninvited as they climb up the stairs: due to the vertical proportion of the structure it progressively shakes with the people movement inside and exterior wind. As they reach the rocky top of the installation they can find a closed uncomfortable space that only has a window to the sky. This void is filled with a temporary fog that tends to quickly dissipate.

001-HOMESICK by Nuno Pimenta

006-HOMESICK by Nuno Pimenta


‘Homesick’ is a strange attractor, a physical experience and a moment for reflection.

007-HOMESICK by Nuno Pimenta

008-HOMESICK by Nuno Pimenta

009-HOMESICK by Nuno Pimenta

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