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The architecture looks different from different sides.

Project Specs

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From the architect. We like to make the house as simple as possible and at the same time interesting. The building is located in a landscape of unique beauty. The main goal was to develop the project without harming the natural landscape. The exterior of the house is conceived, that would look different from different sides and due to this you can enjoy the view of a non-repetitive exterior. Appearance and interior support the same color, emphasizing the severity and unity of the house. Panoramic energy-saving windows from both sides of the house evoke a feeling of complete openness and privacy with nature. The glass has a reflective property from the outside to reflect trees and clouds, so the house merges as much as possible with the surrounding environment. You can go on the balcony in the morning to drink coffee, enjoy a panoramic view of the horizon and fresh air.

▼简单的建筑线条,simple and interesting

▼立面开窗享受绝美景色,panoramic window evoke a feeling of complete openness and privacy with nature

▼建筑于各个方面均变现不同形态,the architecture looks different from different sides

▼极简的线条,simplistic line


The interior of the house is simple.  Monochromatic white color in the interior allows to maximize the sense of space and not to strain the person, to feel clean and relax comfortably.

▼厨房及餐厅,kitchen and dining space

▼简单的卧室设计,simple designed bedroom

▼色调单一的室内空间,monochromatic white color in the interior


There were minimal excavations at the construction of the house, as the current relief of the site was perfect. The house stands on stilts. The frame of the house is a concrete structure, which is isolated from the outside and then covered with a flexible, smooth white lime plaster.

▼夜色中的建筑,architecture in the dark




Architects: Nravil Architects
Location: Almaty city, Republic of Kazakhstan
Responsible architect: Ravil Nurgisaevich
Area: 300 м2
Project year: 2016
Other architects: Kerimbaev Batyrbek

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