Hoegaarden Greenhouse Bar by Metamoorfose Studio

Enjoy a place surrounded by nature

Project Specs


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Located in a region marked by diversity, and in constant development and movement in São Paulo, the bar comes as a respite. The space, design by Metamoorfose Studio, is shaped and having a collective concept in mind. A place where different sensorial experiences could be shared. It is an invitation to pause and reconnect among a daily hustle and bustle of a big city.

▼项目外观,exterior view

进门处的林荫门厅脱胎于本地的苗圃温室,作为街道和酒吧之间的过渡区域,室内散落着柔和的光线。为了营造不同的空间体验,一条小径斜切经过入口大厅。此处天花板较高,光线充足,四周植被环绕。户外花园作为室内空间的延伸,除了在视觉上融合了两种氛围之外,还为城市提供了一个全新的广场空间,可供客人放松及享受冰镇啤酒。该项目占地360 m²,可容纳200人,其中景观部分包含了分属38个种类的264棵植物。该空间引导人们远离日常的喧嚣,尽情驻足大自然的美好。

▼进门处的林荫门厅,the exterior wooden atrium

▼门厅内散落着柔和的光线,diffuse light input

Based on vernacular nursery structures (Greenhouses), the exterior wooden atrium, while allows diffuse light input (horizontal structure), works as a transition area between the walkway and the bar. In order to incorporate different sensations in relation to the space, a short trail is walked through to the entrance lobby. It is a place with high ceilings, well lit and surrounded by nature. The outdoor garden is an extension of the space and, besides visually integrating the two ambiences, offers the city a new square, providing shelter and cold beer to the guests. With 360m², capacity for 200 people and a landscape project with 264 plants of 38 species, the space becomes appealing for people to get away from the daily hustle and bustle and enjoy a place surrounded by nature.

▼从门厅看花园,view from atrium to garden


▼景观部分包含了分属38个种类的264颗植物,a landscape project with 264 plants of 38 species


▼室内空间,interior space

▼吧台,bar counter

▼大棚中裸露结构旨在为覆盖区域提供更多的日照和通风,every structure was exposed aiming to bring more illumination and ventilation

▼从室内看花园,view from interior space to garden

The original land was composed by two lots: a built shed and a parking lot. In the shed, every structure was exposed aiming to bring more illumination and ventilation to the covered area. For the old parking lot, a garden was proposed, which has, besides the large amount of plants, drainage floor to preserve the permeability of the soil. The integration of the lots was done through the façade, which unified access to space and a new volume built at the bottom of the land, which serves as support and service to the bar.

▼桌椅,table & chairs

▼休闲区,rest space


▼户外区域采用灵活的平面布局,an adaptive layout was considered in the external area

▼固定长椅, fixed benches

▼活动座椅,movable chairs

In the external area, an adaptive layout was considered, where the living spaces could be easily disassembled to cater for different use proposals. Two fixed benches are placed in the garden and the rest of the furniture can be rearranged for single people or groups just by moving the tables and chairs in or out, or even by placing together easily movable armchairs. Stools and tables appear to have multiple functions next to trees and walls, which assures an informal ambience. Some exclusive pieces were created in partnership with some craft artists and artists in general, aiming to intensify the sensation such as wall papers, shared wooden tables and resin tables, always showing botanical themes.

▼栅格墙壁,grid wall


▼墙纸,wall papers


▼夜景,night view

Project info
Architect: Metamoorfose Studio
Landscaping: Teco Paisagismo
Lighting designer: Auma Estudio
Construction: Edifisa engineering and construction
Wooden structure: Rewood
Project size: 200 m2
Site size: 360 m2
Completion date: 2019
Building levels: 1

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