Helio Ray by Haberdashery

A conceptual project underpinned by solid engineering knowledge and innovation

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Helio Ray是一个以工程学与创新为基础的概念性项目,它被安装在一栋高楼的顶部,并通过日光反射装置来获取能源。机械化的镜面能够自动追踪太阳的运行轨迹,并将阳光汇聚为一道集中的光束。随后,这道光束会被另一个特制的镜面沿着建筑的立面向下反射,带来如“圣光”般令人惊叹的效果。

Helio Ray is a conceptual project underpinned by solid engineering knowledge and innovation. Mounted on the top of a tall building, it is fuelled by light collected from a Heliostat; a mechanised mirrored surface that automatically tracks the sun and gathers it into a concentrated beam. This beam of light when reflecting off a second custom-designed reflector that sending shafts of light down the side of a building creating awe-inspiring ‘god ray’ effects.

第二个反射镜的表面呈波纹状,从而现出一种缓慢变化的光照效果。整个装置犹如对太阳本身的延伸,为人造的空间赋予一种宁静而神圣的氛围。反射器外部是一个发光的圆形结构,在夜间也十分引人注目。Helio Ray使那些不起眼的空间从黑暗中奇迹般地苏醒,成为富有标志性的独特场所。它延续了纽约中层建筑的“屋顶历史”,是继广告牌、水塔、照明标识和手机信号塔之后的出现的一个全新而令人难忘的元素。

The second reflector uses a faceted surface designed to warp and distort in a controlled manner under the heat of the sunlight itself, providing a slowly evolving pattern of reflected light. The effect comes and goes like the real sun above, so is a true extension of the actual sun’s reach; a calming intervention in a man-made space. This main reflector is housed in an illuminated circular motif to draw attention to the form during night. Helio Ray can bring a sense of wonder and pride back into areas that had become transient spaces lost in shadow, rejuvenating them as landmark destinations. It continues a history of rooftop architecture in New York’s mid-height buildings such as advertising hoardings, water towers, illuminated signage and more recently phone masts.



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