Headland House by Atelier Andy Carson

A respectful celebration of the location

Project Specs


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This new home designed by Atelier Andy Carson is a sanctuary from its harsh surrounds, perched on a sprawling coastal site overlooking Werri Beach, New South Wales. Green pastures and paddocks running dairy cows line this 150-acre property on one side, rugged coastal cliffs and ocean on the other.

▼住宅的一侧是碧绿的草地和奶牛牧场,green pastures and paddocks running dairy cows line this property on one side


The four bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom main home consists of three linked pavilions, wrapped around a protected courtyard, while fingers at each end cantilever toward specific framed ocean and rural views.

▼三个相连的体块围绕着庭院分布,three linked pavilions wrapped around a protected courtyard

▼住宅外观,exterior view

▼悬臂式的窗户带来特定角度的海洋和乡村景观,the cantilevered structure offers specific framed ocean and rural views

▼庭院视角,courtyard view

▼屋檐为户外空间带来荫蔽,the roof provides shading for outdoor spaces



The architects’ design is inspired by the spectacular landscape. The 180-degree views and breathtaking backdrop called for a respectful celebration of the location. Instead of providing the same view throughout the house with wall to wall glass, the design creates considered framed glimpses of what lies outside. Meanwhile, a storm-viewing room pays tribute to the drama of extreme weather fronts creeping up from the ocean.

▼客厅窗户的位置进行了精心布局, the design creates considered framed glimpses of what lies outside

▼餐厅,dining area


房子的主人Beau Neilson女士及其丈夫Jeffrey Simpson基于他们对自身生活的清晰理解为建筑师制定出了设计任务。这对夫妇对于建筑和设计并不陌生(Beau是艺术赞助商Judith和Kerr Neilson的女儿),他们希望拥有一个优雅、舒适且能够满足各种场景需求的住所。他们的任务书中还要求打造一间简单的双人客卧,用于接待客人和亲属。

The clients, Beau Neilson and her husband, Jeffrey Simpson, set the brief based on a clear understanding of how they live. No strangers to Architecture and design (Beau is daughter of art patrons Judith & Kerr Neilson), the couple desired an elegant, comfortable residence for all conditions. Their brief also called for a modest two-bedroom guest house on the site to cater to visitors and extended family.


Atelier Andy Carson为其打造的这座结实稳固的家庭住宅积极地探索了建筑与景观之间的联系。

Atelier Andy Carson has created a robust family home that actively explores the relationship between building and landscape.

▼平面图,floor plan

Project name: Headland House
Architect’s Firm: Atelier Andy Carson
Website: http://www.atelier-andycarson.com
Contact e-mail: andy@atelier-andycarson.com
Project location: Gerringong, NSW, Australia
Completion Year: 2017
Gross Built Area: Main house: 486 sqm
Lead Architects: Andy Carson
Other participants: Tom Potter, Catherine Bailey-Smith, Alvin Tsang
Head Contractor: Bellevarde Constructions
Structural Engineer: Ken Murtagh
Landscape Architects: Peter Glass & Associates
Surveyor: Allen, Price & Scarratts
Photo credits: Michael Nicholson
Photographer’s website: http://www.micnic.com.au

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