Handmade collage by Fitacola

create a new era image by old pictures

Project Specs


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Fitacola is the vintage handmade collage art and illustration project created in 2005 by Portuguese partners in art and life, Graça and Carlos Quitério.Based in Portugal – “Fitacola” translates to ‘adhesive tape’ in Portuguese. They make original creative artworks –  from illustrations and paper cuttings to digital and animated collage projects and fine arts. This includes album artworks for musicians, as well as silkscreen prints, calendars, advertisements and packaging, book covers and festival posters. They find vibrant images randomly, be it through old magazines acquired at flea markets or second-hand bookstores, and layer and tape the torn pieces of images together with miscellaneous scraps of miscellaneous coloured paper, creating new art and concepts in the process. “We love playing with all the resources and information to achieve a new aesthetic + conceptual sense from these random pieces of combined papers. Every single  artwork is handmade”

▼黄色图表,yellow chart

▼超级大玩具,the biggest toy

▼图表吸尘,chart vacuuming

▼倾倒重物,dump heavy objects

▼抬起重物,raise heavy objects

▼吹小号,play trumpet

▼撕开风景,tear the landscape

▼黑色健身服,black gym clothes

▼super8摄影机,super8 camera

▼释放最高机密,spray top secret

▼喷洒铟锡氧化物,spray ITO

▼冒烟的房屋,smoke house



▼找寻目的地,find a destination




▼一起走,go together

▼刷上粉色,paint the pink






▼挡在前面,blocked in front


▼水银手指,finger mercury




▼随意放,casual put


▼一页障目,one page obstacle


▼倒咖啡,pour cafe




▼打印乐谱,type score


▼生命圈,the circle of life

▼密密缝,closed seam

▼感受指数,feel index

More:Fitacola。更多关于他们 :Fitacola on gooood

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