Hacienda Chaise by Esrawe Studio

Exudes a strong rustic manor atmosphere.

Project Specs

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作品的名字叫Hacienda Chaise,是法语,意思是庄园贵妃。


The Hacienda chaise is one of the most recent pieces to be developed for the Esrawe Studio furniture line.

As the name suggests, the piece takes inspiration from the furniture found in buildings constructed during the colonial period in Mexico, most commonly in rural areas. The design and spirit of this kind of furniture forms part of Mexican character and cultural identity, evoking with reminiscences of country life and customs. One clear historical reference for the Hacienda chaise is the butaca or Miguelito: a style of comfortable chair that was common in colonial homes throughout Latin America. The archetypal form of this chair provided inspiration for pieces by different designers and architects both in Mexico (such as Clara Porset, William Spratling, Luis Barragán and Michael van Beuren) and in Europe ( Josef Albers, Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Hans Wegner).

The design of the Hacienda chaise is enriched with some of the features of the traditional butaca, albeit with a contemporary approach and language. The piece is solid and robust in character, yet its design has been freed from ornamental detail. This defines the expressiveness of the piece and informs its construction.





Design: Héctor Esrawe
Year: 2012
Materials: Solid wood and leather
Photography: Jaime Navarro

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