Happy Birthday ~ gooood !

Happy 11th birthday to gooood and best wishes to our friends who are supporting our work. Thank you. Love to all!

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本月,gooood 11岁啦!11年中,gooood作为公司运营有7年时间,团队组建时间有6年左右。








This month, gooood is celebrating its 11th birthday! Looking back to the past 11 years, gooood has been operated as a company since 2014 with its team having been established for about 6 years.

For the past 11 years, we owe our thanks to our friends for their generous help, and our readers for their love, support, criticism and advice.
For the past 6 years, we owe our thanks to our team for their enthusiastic work and talent, fighting on the front line for our company.

The website traffic of gooood is keeping growing rapidly. The number of hits in the last year has increased by around 25% over the previous year. In the meantime, strengthened by our official WeChat account, the gooood app and other distribution platforms, we now have harvested more than 6 million readers worldwide. gooood is currently the most popular and influential online media and platform for architecture, landscape, design and art in Asia.

Over the last year, gooood team has started to implement a 10% freeday working pattern. Every team member now has a freeday out of every 10 working days. On a freeday the member does not have to do his or her regular task, which allows everyone the freedom to work creatively. The freeday pattern, which has been well received by the team, is still being experimented with and explored, through which we look forward to producing more interesting and exclusive content and services for our readers in the future.

gooood dedicates to promoting innovative works in China and spreading creative ideas all over the world! We believe that design and creativity can benefit everyone and we are sincere to help design and creativity changing and benefitting the world. It is our mission to disseminate good ideas in worldwide architectural/landscape/interior masterpieces and ideas, as well as to empower enterprises and institutes in the creative industry chain.

Modestly, dedicatedly and aggressively, gooood is keeping on its way to achieve its goals and visions.

Dear friends, let’s move ahead and create a better future together.

Chinese text by Xiangling, Founder of gooood
English text by Chen Nuojia, Wu Chenxi




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