gooood archive: the renewal of former interviews 

Renewal of the former interviews with text.

Project Specs


gooood team interviews creative from all over the world. Your recommendations and suggestions are welcomed!
We have renewed the interviews we made before within the full texts.  Have a look at them with the blue link below, and we hope this renewal will give you a clearer understanding of the interviews.

全部访谈专辑欢迎点此进入,more about the Interview please click here


gooood访谈专辑第一期 – Marcelo Spina
gooood Interview NO.1 – Marcelo Spina

gooood访谈专辑第三期 – Oyler Wu Collaborative
gooood Interview NO.3— Oyler Wu Collaborative

gooood访谈专辑第四期 – Ben van Berkel
gooood Interview NO.4— Ben van Berkel

gooood访谈专辑第六期 – Rafael Moneo
gooood Interview NO.6 – Rafael Moneo

gooood访谈专辑第九期 – SO-IL Architects
gooood Interview NO.9 – SO-IL Architects


全部访谈专辑欢迎点此进入,more about the Interview please click here


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