Glas allt Sheil by Richard Gaston

the bothy in four seasons on the shores

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该作品展现了‘Glas-allt-Sheil’和它周边的四季景色。Glas-allt-Sheil是位于巴尔莫勒尔庄园(凯恩戈姆山脉,苏格兰高地)的小屋,更确切地说是位于Loch Muick海岸边。这个小屋归英国女王伊丽莎白二世所有,由维多利亚女王于1868年建造,她命名这间小屋为“Glassalt”,译为“遗孀的房子”,当她的丈夫阿尔伯特王子死后,她逃离到此居住。

This project documents the subject ‘Glas-allt-Sheil’ and its surrounding landscape over the four seasons. Glas-allt-Sheil is a bothy based in the Balmoral Estate (Cairngorms, Scottish Highlands), on the shores of Loch Muick to be precise. This bothy is owned by Queen Elizabeth II, however was built by Queen Victoria in 1868. She called it ‘Glassalt’, translating to ‘widow’s house’ where she would escape following the death of her husband, Albert, Prince Consort.


Being intrigued by the impact Scotland’s climate has on the landscape, especially when the season are so defined, this project is simply about curiosity. It focusses on a subject which identifies a lot about Scotland; bothy culture, moody weather and the famous munro, Lochnagar as a backdrop. Furthermore, trees were of significant importance for the project as they demonstrate seasonal changes.


The project was achieved by returning to the same location, once a season. The shooting spot was on top of a recognisable rock – protruding from the long grass – which has a direct viewpoint of the bothy. Waiting for the ideal conditions each season – low, evening light and partially cloudy – conveys the vivid atmosphere of the Cairngorms and Scotland in general.

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