Geological Frame / Huy Bui

Installation works drawing concepts from yijing

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来自纽约的设计师Huy Bui不久前在曼哈顿的Patrick Parrish画廊展出了他的个人作品系列 Geological Frame。纤细的黄铜框架或独立存在,或与自然木材镶嵌在一起,利落的金属线条与自然弯曲的木材体块相映成趣,远远看去木头仿佛悬浮与虚空之中。虚与实的组合与阴阳概念相对应,64种各异的组合形态呼应着易经中的64卦。或大或小的单元体既可独立存在,亦可组合、堆叠,按实际需求展现出新的形态。

Geological Frames, was on display at the Patrick Parrish Gallery in Tribeca from April to the beginning of May. He’ll be doing more work with Patrick Parrish and The Lowline this year.

It features 48 iterations of encased wood in brass rectangles, creating objects that can be arranged or stacked to form other objects. The pieces for Time Capsule fit in with Plant-In-City’s modular dimensions, they are designed to work together- though the work stands alone.

Below are 64 of Huy’s development sketches, drawing from the “I Ching” divination text, an ancient Chinese divination text that features 64 combinations of hexagrams representing yin and yang.

▽ Geological Frame在Patrick Parrish画廊的展览现场,大小、形态不一的单元体或立于一侧,或位于高墙之上,带来强烈的视觉冲击力,the exhibition Geological Frame at Patrick Parrish Gallery

001-Geological Frame by Huy Bui

002-Geological Frame by Huy Bui

▽ 呼应易经64卦的64种组合模式, 64 of Huy’s development sketches

018-Geological Frame by Huy Bui

▽ 利落的金属线条与自然弯曲的木材体块相映成趣,encased wood in brass rectangles

004-Geological Frame by Huy Bui

003-Geological Frame by Huy Bui

006-Geological Frame by Huy Bui

009-Geological Frame by Huy Bui     010-Geological Frame by Huy Bui

▽ 单元体细节,zoom in view

011-Geological Frame by Huy Bui

012-Geological Frame by Huy Bui

013-Geological Frame by Huy Bui     015-Geological Frame by Huy Bui

▽ Geological Frames与设计师另一作品Plant-In-City的结合, Geological Frames fit in with Plant-In-City

016-Geological Frame by Huy Bui

▽ 位于角落,组合后的Geological Frames,arranged Geological Frames at the corner

017-Geological Frame by Huy Bui

English Text: Huy Bui
Chinese Text: gooood

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