Gap Chair by 0321 studio

Overturn the existing norm, focusing on form more than function

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Chair, we are constantly trying to design the “chair” as our task, creation is redemption, we are constantly trying and mining existing things, to find and eliminate, leaving the one we want most.

▼椅子外观,appearance of the chair

与上一把oo chairs 的区别在于,正面争议,争议很容易被我们转化成继续推翻现有常态的力量,而相似处,这又是一把形式大于功能的椅子,我给他取名叫“硬扛”,关于屁股上那点肉,0321好像始终没有认真心疼过,不是平就是硬,现在还有点顶,如果仅仅需要生理上的享受我们也不建议你使用它,相比它存在你生活空间的一个角落,能够发出异样的气场,我们更能得到满足。

The difference between the previous one ”oo chair“, we face the controversy directly, which can easily be turned into a force that continues to overturn the existing norm. Similarly, this is a chair whose form is more than function, we call it “hard”, about the ass, 0321 seems to have never been seriously distressed, is not flat is hard,  and the “hard” is really something. We don’t recommend it if it’s just for physical enjoyment, and we’re more satisfied with it than if it’s in a corner of your living space that can give off a strange aura.

▼设计草图,design sketch

▼椅子的椅背向内弯曲,the back of the chair bends inward


We only care about the visual relationship between it and your body, especially the flake tetragonal and reverse arc backrest, cutting out the body after you sit down, as long as it can make you or the person sitting generate a little bit of psychological excitement, we consider its successful.

▼人与椅子的关系,chair and human


We also advocated not to easily raise the threshold of the definition of a chair, give them enough space to speak. With the permission of the traffic police, I think curb can also be moved home as a chair. Is this a more generalized chair? A new chair won’t change people’s habits to ordinary chair, it won’t change anything, it can only change itself, When we used to side of things to add ideas, there will be a wonderful thing to happen. I guess the first chair which Charles and Ray Eames designed at first would have been a hard one to pull off, but they kept going.

▼缺口椅置于实际场景中,gap chair in a real scene


All metal welding and polishing, according to the desired function to determine the thickness of the material, the guarantee reasonable weight of both robustness at the same time.

▼椅子细部,金属材料焊接打磨而成,details of the chair made of metal

设计公司:0321 STUDIO
摄 影:肉山

More:  0321 studio。更多关于他们:0321 studio on gooood

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