Edersee: “From roots to crowns” by noa*

from root to crown : a way of life in nature

Project Specs


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在城市生活日益缺乏活力的今天,来自原野的呼唤从未远离。第十四届德国卡塞尔文献展(Documenta 14 in Kassel)邀请了二十位前卫建筑师,以 “ways of life” 为题,提出了全新的设计原型:在城市之外、大自然中,当工作与生活之间的界限已经模糊,建筑如何适应这种改变?作为被邀请的建筑师之一,noa *给出了自己的回答。

noa* is one of 20 architects chosen to design a prototype interpreting the “ways of life” @ Documenta Kassel 14 (GER)…
outside the city and within nature when lines between work and life have blurred…

▼概念草图,sketches ©Image courtesy noa*

“从根到冠”描述了一个混合建筑从地下通过土地和树干上升到树冠的过程中所发生的垂直变形。我们设想了一个可以竖向移动的生活容器,有三种主要的停靠位置:分别是“地下”( – 1),“田野”(0)和“树冠”(+ 1 + 2)。这座升降房屋提供了一种有远见的想法,将“在自然中生活和工作”的概念应用于不同的生活情境中。

“From roots to crowns” describes the vertical metamorphosis of a hybrid building, moving from below ground through fields and trunks up to the crowns. It is a living shell on the move, able to take on 3 main positions “under the earth”(-1), “on the fields” (0) and “in the tree crowns” (+1+2). The lifting house is a visionary way of adapting the concept of “living and working in nature” to the varying requirements of its inhabitants.

▼“从根到冠”,“From roots to crowns”  ©Image courtesy noa*

▼概念图纸,drawings ©Image courtesy noa*

“…it doesn’t matter where you work, sleep, eat, play… as long as you can do it everywhere.”



“under the earth”


it hides below ground, blending into the surrounding landscape, protecting, disappearing, contextualizing…

▼与大地融合,blending into the ground ©Image courtesy noa*

“on the field”


at ground level, the building is directly connected to the surrounding landscape, integrating, blurring…

▼长成一棵树的样子,grow into a tree ©Image courtesy noa*

“in the trees”


it radically sits among tree crowns, offering views of the Edersee, simultaneously revealing the swimming lake below, flying, soulseeking…

▼飞翔,fly ©Image courtesy noa*



Its main focus lies on vertical and horizontal flexibility, expressed externally through the vertical movement and internally through an open plan layout. The large central patio allows the boundaries between inside and outside to disappear, functioning as a visual and physical connector between the different areas.

▼中央天井,central patio ©Image courtesy noa*


Furthermore the patio, balconies, glazed interiors, swimming lake and roof-scape create introverted and extroverted spaces, allowing the inhabitants to hide or to expose the building and the life inside it.

▼多层空间,multiple levels ©Image courtesy noa*


The building adapts to the different situations and requirements throughout the day, seasons and years, thus creating a sustainable way of living and working inside nature. The plan layout follows a modular concept of easily switching various spacial combinations.

▼设计遵循模数系统,modular system is adopted in the design ©Image courtesy noa*

▼总平面图,site plan ©Image courtesy noa*

▼分析图,diagrams ©Image courtesy noa*

more: noa* ,更多关于他们:noa* on gooood 。

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