Ford Dearborn Master Plan by Snøhetta

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The result of Ford’s 2-year research and planning process, created in partnership with Snøhetta as lead architect, master planner, and landscape architect, the Master Plan re-imagines the broader Dearborn campus as Ford’s global epicenter through empowered workplaces, productive landscapes, smart technology and versatile mobility systems.



As Ford expands its core business of automotive manufacturing to lead the industry in future-facing mobility solutions, the Master Plan will enable this step forward through a deep reconfiguration of Ford’s workspaces, creating centers of excellence where talent can thrive.

▼中央园区,the central campus

▼园区公共区域,the public area


Through the efforts of the Master Plan, Ford’s employees that are currently dispersed throughout Dearborn and southeast Michigan will be consolidated in state-of-the-art research and production spaces that facilitate the easy flow and circulation of ideas and catalyze opportunities for collaboration, colocation, and therefore, efficient product innovation.

▼园区建筑与景观,the buildings and landscape in the campus

▼办公室内部,inside the office

More:  Snøhetta   更多关于他们: Snøhetta on gooood

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