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在澳大利亚出生,于法国长大,现在美国定居的艺术家Gil Bruvel在长达30年的创作生涯中,潜心研究绘画和雕塑,十分擅长用流线表达。Flow Series是他创造的一系列泛着魔力微光的美丽流线雕塑。流线组合成雕塑栩栩如生,传达出力量和美,让人忘记眼下的世界,沉浸在其艺术魔力之中。

Imagine a moment where breath, focus, movement, and being are so exquisitely synchronized there is no need for thought. The quintessence of true power and incomparable beauty are held in that glimmering instant, which paradoxically contains all the unfolding time required for each split-second decision, every perfect turn and move. An athlete performs, a driver surges to the front of the pack, an artist creates—and the mundane, complex world disappears. Nothing exists but the pure intensely of this shimmering moment outside of time. Then the spell is broken: The flag goes down and spectators resume their chatter; the artist rinses his brushes and puts them away. But the ephemeral, unforgettable glimpse of brilliance remains. We caught its shine. We felt its magic. We were momentarily part of its magnificent flow.





Gil Bruvel: Perceiving the Flow

During his more than thirty-year career, Gil Bruvel has passionately followed an ever-changing, organic flow of artistic expression as it has moved through a series of mediums and forms. Each one is a reflection of the artist’s aesthetic sensibility and thoughtful perspective at the time, while continuously remaining open to the inner nudges inherent in a truly creative life. And in each approach—from surrealist-inspired and fantastical imagery to three-dimensional functional and sculptural art, to the current Flow series—he has drawn on threads of creative stimulus and artistic mastery that began very early on.

As the son of a renowned cabinetmaker in southern France, Gil absorbed precision of hand and an eye for design. Studies in the fundamentals of drawing and sculpture began when he was nine. Later, apprenticeship in an art restoration workshop provided an excellent art history education with intimate, hands-on insight into techniques of the Old Masters as well as a fluency in 20th-century art. By the time the young artist set up his own studio, he was combining these and other creative sources with a finely honed eye for recurring patterns and motifs in the natural world. In 1990 he settled in the United States and now lives near Austin, Texas.

With the Flow series, Bruvel continues to celebrate the imaginative and the real, yet here his vision seems to penetrate the veil of material form. These striking, evocative sculptures, comprised of graceful sinuous ribbons of cast stainless steel, reveal an essential underlying fluidity that exists simultaneously within the physical, quantum, and metaphoric realms. Bruvel’s ribbons of energy may flow in parallel streams, yet they convey the subtle and complex human intersections of beauty and pain, inner and outer, the ephemeral and the eternal now.















About Gil Bruvel

Born in Sydney, Australia, in 1959, Gil Bruvel’s French-born parents moved the family back to the south of France when he was 4 years old. While taking drawing lessons at age 9 and learning sculpture basics, Gil made the decision to spend his life creating art. There he found himself inspired by the light and landscapes in this region. He began working with oil paint at the age of 12 and the local environment had an enormous and lasting influence on his palette –giving him luminous colors he continues to use today.

Gil’s father, being a cabinetmaker, introduced the budding artist to the inner workings of a wood workshop including furniture design, its practical function, and every aspect of hand crafting each piece. Taking this knowledge and experience with him, Gil began studies at an art restoration workshop 1974, spending the next three years learning the techniques of the Old Masters and modern Masters of contemporary art. Thereafter he set up his studio in St. Remy de Provence until 1986 when he first made his way to the United States, making it his permanent residence in 1990.

At that time he started to experiment more with sculptures in bronze, mixed media  as well as continuing to learn about creative processes in artistic expression.

He is currently creating paintings, sculptures, and functional art.

Gil Bruvel has been exhibiting his work since 1974 in various places around the world and including: France, Australia, Monaco, England, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Singapore, New York, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Hawaii. His work has received many awards and his collectors span the globe.


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