fdup.toys by Daniel Moyer

Superhero and his duck partner

Project Specs

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美国手工艺人Daniel Moyer在他自己位于布鲁克林的作坊danielmoyerdesign中,开启了一个萌死人不偿命的木质玩具企划。该企划利用木工作坊垃圾箱的边角料和夹具技术制作了一系列讨人喜欢的酷酷玩具小人(超级英雄)还有小鸭。玩具是可组装式的木块积木,十分轻松就可以安装上,当然也允许用户打乱安装顺序创造点其它什么“生物”。超级英雄小人从2014年开始启动,一共做了100个,因为每块木料都不相同,所以每个编号的小人都独一无二。鸭子玩具则从2015年开始启动,一共50个,每款仅售25美元。

001 chuk+duk fdup.toys by Daniel Moyer

Beside the obvious fact that these are some very cool and unbelievably affordable handmade wooden toys, there is perhaps an equally compelling back story.

For us, fdup.toys is a dessert course- a designed experiment in relaxed simple building, a small scale produc- tion employing old school work ow and jig techniques, and a nice way to salvage and purpose the trimmings that would normally end up in the woodshop dumpster.

Our Brooklyn workshop is set up to make prototype and one-of-a-kind edition furniture pieces. We build only a few at a time with much attention paid to material choice, composition, shaping and nishing. It is not unusual to create an entire table from a single section of a fallen local tree, sourcing the raw stock and seasoning it before transforming it into the carefully married parts and ultimately the assembled nished work. It takes a lot of time. In the end after months, a single piece (a few maybe) are nished and ready to leave the workshop.

As amazing and ful lling as this is in a very large and sweeping sense, sometimes we need to lower that pres- sure and just make some things for the fun of it.

002 duks in a row fdup.toys by Daniel Moyer111

003fdupchuk_037 fdup

The idea was to design a small set of push together parts that could be made simply with the standard tools in the woodshop, using shop made jigs to make the cutting, shaping, and milling of these parts easy to do accurately and repeatedly- the way it might have been done before the advent of computer controlled robotic machines. It was important that the work was ef cient enough to allow for a reasonably priced nished product and we were willing to forgo sensible pro t margins to let the experiment have even a chance of retail success.

    005 process02_cuttingneckjoints fdup.toys by Daniel Moyer1     005 process03_slicing feet fdup.toys by Daniel Moyer1

005 process04_chuk in parts fdup.toys by Daniel Moyer1     005 process05_assembly fdup.toys by Daniel Moyer1     005 workshopdog fdup.toys by Daniel Moyer1


We were thinking in terms of mass production, but we were still making each chuk for the most part with our hands and it shows. There is an unmistakable and immediate personality that is unique to each chuk. They are soulful in a way that cannot be denied. We decided they deserved artwork style numbering. The rst edition of fdup.chuk (numbers 001-100) was released for the holidays in 2014.

006fdupchuk_037 fdup111 006fdupchuk_037 fdup-111   006fdupchuk_037 fdup-211

007 fdupchuk_yearbook fdup.toys by Daniel Moyer1


fdup.duk_the sidekick (2015) is our next release in the series.
the rst edition limited release nos.01-50 are available online now for only $25 each

008fdupchuk_037 fdup11


At the same time it was also important that the set of parts be forward designed, recon gurable in a way that would allow the jigs and tool set ups to be used in what we hoped would be a continuing series of new character offerings.

010fdupchuk_037 fdup11

fdup.duk_the sidekick
10 15 13 ( 4 x 6 x 5” )
“nearly a pound of choice hardwood scrap with a spine and top knot of solid american steel. equally at home as pet, companion, or decoy with the look-at-me-I’m-cute expression of the one who’s obviously not-in-charge.”

004fdupchuk_037 fdup1111

fdup.chuk the superhero
23 15 08 ( 9 x 6 x 3” )
“nine inches of sexy scrap furniture-grade hardwood packing a handful of over-sized indestructible american hardware”


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