Exhibition”A part of speech” by Volker Giencke

Idea, space, text.

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Volker Giencke建筑事务所在为自己的举行的展览“A part of speech”中,运用楼梯和平台将空间打造成为运动感知型空间,这是一个建筑类型的项目,展览的文字内容需要通过上上下下不断走动才能看完,在这一系列物理运动中,文字,空间,还有理念被游客全方位的感知与体验。

004 Giencke_GRW_05_300

In his exhibition “A part of speech”, Volker Giencke transforms the available spatial structure of “Adambräu” to thematise both movement in the space and the way in which the space is perceived. The exhibition becomes an architectonic project that makes it possible to physically experience Giencke’s approach. Spatial perception and visionary perspectives on architecture are revealed to visitors in text form, making perceptible the “concrete utopia” that Giencke calls for when teaching and in his projects.

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