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The lawn floating in the air

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The term ‘French Exit’ means leaving a social gathering without saying good bye. This something that I usually do, because as an introvert I can not bear with the attention that you get once you say that you have to go.

▼项目概览,overview © Comfort Zone


▼《收割者》意向提取,extraction of intention © TADAOCERN

The idea to create compositions of grass fields came in to my mind because humankind has a constant urge to think about extinction and different variants of how the final days would look like and what would be the reason of it all. I tried to focus more on the aspect of what we would be missing the most during the last seconds of leaving this place. My guess – it would be something banal, like fields of wheat during the sunset… Banality it is a result of such a strong love and affection with something/somebody that you even get sick of it. And hanging everything on the ceiling creates an illusion of floating for the viewer, as if you are being taken to the sky.

▼挂在天花上的草坪营造漂浮感,the lawn hung on the ceiling creates a sense of floating © Comfort Zone

▼观者与装置,viewer and installation © Comfort Zone


Everything started from just an idea and few sketches of it, but once the pandemic is over – hopefully we’ll have a chance to contemplate our farewells in reality.

▼草坪展示,lawn display © Comfort Zone

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