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Use discarded wood to create natural and beautiful tables

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新加坡家具及配饰品牌Industry +邀请Viewport Studio设计体现其设计思路的边几和咖啡桌小型家庭家具。基于这种情况,设计师认为对过程和方法进行设计比呈现出简单的限定组合更有益,并且该过程应该尽可能环保。

Industry +, a Singapore based furniture and accessories brand, approached Viewport Studio to create a small family of side and coffee tables that reflected our design thinking. In this case, we decided that it would be more beneficial to design a process and methodology rather than a simple finite collection and that the process should be as environmentally friendly as possible.

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在该项目中,Viewport Studio决定大幅度减少生产家用家具所需的能源和资源,并且创造出在日常生活中被喜爱和使用的作品。设计师最终利用来自产地10英里范围内的废弃木材打造出家具系列。该项目对商业家具的生产周期提出异议,重新定义了家庭家具设计、生产、消费和使用的要素。

Viewport Studio was determined, with this project, to make significant reductions in the energy and resources required for producing domestic furniture, while still creating pieces that will be loved and used in everyday life. The result is a furniture range that has been sourced, developed, and manufactured from discarded timber within a 10 mile radius of its place of production. This project questions the existing production cycle of commercial furniture and redefines what is essential to design, produce, consume and use at home.

▼长桌,bench © Benjamin Swanson

▼咖啡桌,coffee table © Benjamin Swanson

▼边几,side table © Benjamin Swanson

如今,数千吨不符合建筑业标准形状、尺寸和统一性要求的木梁、木块和边角料被处理掉。这些木材在尺寸、形状和统一性上有很大差异,这使它们很难组成稳定的结构和可用的物件,从而造成木材的浪费。Viewport Studio对废弃木料进行巧妙地配对和有效地加工,打造出实用且天然美观的家具。在风干之前,设计师根据结构特征对建筑工地和贮木场的废弃木料进行挑选和配对,以确保生产的稳定性,接着对它们进行最低程度的喷砂,去掉树皮和污垢。然后设计师评估其特性,去除缺点并添加功能表面。塑形过程不是把预先确定的形状强加在材料上,而是经过深思熟虑的设计去除不必要的材料来实现预期功能。结构完好的榫口和表面通过CNC数控加工,成为该系列适应性设计语言的关键特征。组装完成后,家具整体会涂刷天然木材染料,从而统一不同的元素。

▼设计过程,design process © Viewport Studio

Today, thousands of tonnes of timber beams, blocks and offcuts that do not conform to the standard shapes, sizes and finishes required by the construction industry are disposed of. These timber pieces vary enormously in size, shape and consistency, making them difficult to assemble into stable structures and useful items, resulting in wasted wood in timber yards. Viewport Studio cleverly pairs and efficiently machines these unwanted bits of timber, to create functional and naturally beautiful items of furniture. Discarded timber pieces from construction sites and timber yards are selected and paired according to their structural properties, before being air dried to ensure stability in production. These pieces are then minimally sandblasted to strip away the bark and grime. The design team then assesses their unique characteristics, eliminating weak points and adding functional surfaces. Rather than imposing a predetermined form onto the material, this process of form-giving results in a considered design that removes material that is unnecessary to perform the piece’s intended function. Structurally sound mortise and tenon joints and functional surfaces are then CNC milled into each piece, becoming a key trait of the collection’s adaptable design language. Once assembled, a layer of natural wood dye is finally applied to unify the different elements.

▼形状各异的桌面,tops of various shapes © Benjamin Swanson

▼细部,details © Benjamin Swanson


This essential manufacturing approach creates an innovative system where efficient machining and joinery, can minimise material wastage while maximising natural honesty and beauty in contemporary furniture.

▼加工中的Essential系列,Essential in processing © Benjamin Swanson

Designer: Viewport Studio
Brand: Industry+
Manufacturer: Wupdoodle
Photographer: Benjamin Swanson
Year: 2019 – 2020
Category: Furniture
Focus: Discarded Timber, Holistic Design, Precision Manufacture, Natural Materials.

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