Esse lamp by Plato Design

The local and handmade response to the halt of design

Project Specs


非常感谢 Plato Design + Sign Press 将项目介绍和项目图片授权gooood发行。
Appreciation towards Plato Design + Sign Press for providing the following description:

来自罗马的Plato Design工作室近日与媒体Sign Press合作,在全球因疫情而隔离的背景下开发了一个全新项目,证明了即使在这样一个危难时刻,我们依然拥有继续前进和规划未来的可能性。Esse台灯系列完全由Plato Design的两位设计师手工制作而成。他们开发这一项目的目的是希望为设计行业的一些生产商提供实际支持——疫情期间许多公司已经无法继续运营,因此许多生产设备和物料都难以获取。

The Plato Design company, in collaboration with Isabella Clara Sciacca’s communication agency Sign Press, has developed a project during this period of isolation, in order to try to demonstrate that it is possible to proceed forward and continue to think about tomorrow, notwithstanding the critical moment that we are all experiencing due to the Covid-19 virus. Therefore we present the Esse lamp, made entirely by hand by the two Roman designers Alessandro Mattei and Caterina Naglieri of Plato Design, created as a project that intends to exploit the few resources and tools available in this stall in the production of the design sector, where one doesn’t have access to equipment and supplies and many companies are closed.

▼Esse台灯系列,the Esse lamp


Handmade, or better, homemade


With the idea of finding a sustainable alternative to production, the Esse lamp was designed and manufactured entirely by hand at home, and is the demonstration of how it is possible to overcome the difficult moment in which the world of design has found itself that is focusing exclusively on the know how of manufacturing, craftsmanship and local resources.

▼灯具细节,detailed view


The shape and essential and rigorous lines of Esse originate precisely from the need to make non-complex moulds, given that production can make use of few tools, used at home; in the same way, the side slot allows you to mount the electrical wiring without any equipment being necessary.

▼轻松地接入电线,mounting the electrical wiring easily


The desire to return to elementary forms and uses, originating from the object itself, is also found in the colours chosen for the product: grey, red and yellow, and in the light modes that the lamp can produce, direct and shielded, thanks to its half-cylinder configuration.

▼半圆筒式结构,a half-cylinder configuration


Concrete help in the fight against covid-19


The lamp has been launched on the Indiegogo crowd-funding platform ( and makes a concrete contribution to fight against the pandemic, because half of the proceeds from sales will be donated to help all countries affected by the virus.

▼在家制作,a homemade lamp

Esse technical specifications:
Material: cement
Available colours: grey, red, yellow
Dimensions: 12 x 9 x 16 cm / 4.7 “x 3.5” x 6.3 “
Weight: 1.3 kg / 2.9 lbs
Use: for internal use only
Electrical outlet: EU, US and UK available
Cable length: 180cm / 70 “
Bulb (not included): E14 MAX 10W LED, E12 for USA and Canada

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