Escola Gavina’s multipurpose pavilion, Spain by gradoli & sanz arquitects

A quadrangular prism pavilion which can host meetings, parties, theatrical ,and musical performances in addition to regular use as sports ground.

Project Specs


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事务所为Escola Gavina教育设施扩建工程设计了一个可以举办各项大型活动的多功能场馆,其可以用来举行会议,聚会,或举办戏剧和音乐演出等活动,日常还可以用作体育场。建筑包含一个音乐教室和一个精神运动室。

The expansion of educational facilities of the “Escola Gavina” involves the construction of a pavilion which can host all type of mass events (meetings, parties, theatrical and musical performances, etc.) in addition to regular use as sports ground. The program comes complete with one music room and a psychomotor one.

▼隐与树林中的建筑,External View

1-gradoli & sanz arquitects

▼建筑外观,External View

3-gradoli & sanz arquitects

▼建筑的日与夜,External View Day and Night

4-gradoli & sanz arquitects

5-gradoli & sanz arquitects


The new building gets in relation with the existing building dates from 1980, this is a quadrangular prism with the frame marking composition. The volume is partially empty while the structure is preserved. The composition of our building reinterprets the original keys with a different constructive solution: a quadrangular prism structure with concrete walls with all the corners emptied, where we located the access. A spatial structure solves the roof, and his geometry give place to triangular skylights.

▼ 整体呈四棱柱状,入口侧上层向外突出,底部挑空,a quadrangular prism with the frame marking composition

7-gradoli & sanz arquitects

8-gradoli & sanz arquitects      9-gradoli & sanz arquitects

▼ 挑空的建筑入口,Access

11-gradoli & sanz arquitects

▼屋顶的立体结构,A spatial structure solves the roof

12-gradoli & sanz arquitects

13-gradoli & sanz arquitects

▼ 从建筑内部看入口,Entrance View from inside

18-gradoli & sanz arquitects

▼ 从建筑入口内外,Entrance View from outside and inside

10-gradoli & sanz arquitects     20-gradoli & sanz arquitects

▼ 阳光透过三角形天窗进入室内,sunlight came through the triangular skylights

16-gradoli & sanz arquitects      17-gradoli & sanz arquitects

▼ 建筑夹层,Mezzanine

15-gradoli & sanz arquitects

▼ 建筑模型,Physical Model

21-gradoli & sanz arquitects

▼ 总平面,Site Plan

situacion-emplazam plano (1)

▼平面图,Floor Plans

situacion-emplazam plano (1)

ejecucion_recover_recover planos (1)

▼屋顶平面图,Roof Plan

ejecucion_recover_recover planos (1)


ejecucion_recover_recover planos (1)


ejecucion_recover_recover planos (1)

▼建筑细节,Detail Drawings

detalles planos (1)

04_05_06_07 PLANTA ALTA GENERAL (1)


Authors: Carmel Gradolí, Arturo Sanz, Carmen Martínez Gregori, architects
Team: VALTER, Valenciana de estructuras. Structural Engineering
Pablo Gómez Sanchez. Electrical and Hydraulic Engineering
Francisco Vallet Ferrer. Construction Management and Quantity Surveillance
Client: Escola Gavina Cooperativa
Builder: ENSECON, Obras y Servicios, S.L.
Photographer: Mariela Apollonio
Location: Partida La Martina, Picanya, Valencia, Spain
Project: 2011
Construction: 2013-2014
Builded surface: 1.348 m2
Urbanized area: 4.000 m2
Urbanization cost: 30.000 € (VAT included)
Building cost: 1.120.000 € (VAT included)
Total cost: 1.450.000 € (VAT included)
Urbanization unit cost: 2,50 €/m2 (VAT included)
Building unit cost: 831,00 €/m2 (VAT included)
Structure: Reinforced concrete walls,Ceiling spatial structure
Facades: White concrete,Glass and acrylic on steel structure, Steelwork, Woodwork, Retractable ceramic and glass enclosure,Solar protection blinds made of recycled PE
Cover: Light cover deck type
Siding: White concrete, Ceramics, Sound absorption by perforated brick and rock wool
Flooring: Smooth concrete in the sports, Wood in classrooms and circulation, Ceramics in bathrooms
Sustainability: Natural lighting, Passive solar control, Natural cross-ventilation, Biomass heating, Recovery of rainwater for irrigation, Use of recycled PE in the lattice

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