Entrance and terrace in Lima by Ghezzi Novak

A private garden surrounded by buildings

Project Specs


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This project is about entering. A new entrance for a house surrounded by buildings.

▼住宅入口被群楼环绕, the entrance is surrounded by buildings

▼入口处细部, detail of the entrance


The entrance takes distance from the street to arrive to a vaulted, low and heavy volume. A purifying transition between outside and inside.

▼低矮厚重的拱形体量,the vaulted, low and heavy volume

▼室内外的过渡,the transition between outside and inside

▼金属细部, detail of the metal elements


This volume hides a secret and private place. A quiet interior that is a long terrace filled with plants.

▼隐藏的私人场所, a hidden private place

▼露台一角,a view of the terrace

▼露台一角,a view of the terrace

▼门窗细部,detail of the glazed door


Here the project is about being in a space. Being in a terrace underneath a totora canopy.

▼多多拉芦苇编织的顶棚, the canopy made of totora

▼露台上充满植物,the terrace is filled with plants


Location: Lima, Peru
Studio: Ghezzi Novak
Architects: Arturo Ghezzi Novak, Gustavo Ghezzi Novak
Photography: Renzo Rebagliati
Web: ghezzinovak.com
Mail: ghezzinovak@gmail.com

More: Ghezzi Novak,更多请至:Ghezzi Novak on gooood 

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