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非常感谢 Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture 予谷德分享以下内容。Appreciations towards Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture for providing the following description:

在Oprah Winfrey的资助下,舞蹈家Dwana Smallwood委托Jordan Parnass Digital建筑师事务所设计建造了新Dwana Smallwood表演艺术中心,为布鲁克林Bedford-Stuyvesant提供了舞蹈教育等社区资源,实现了她回馈街区的愿望。


Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture (JPDA) has completed the new Dwana Smallwood Performing Arts Center (DSPAC) – a community resource that celebrates dance education in Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. Generous support from Oprah Winfrey allowed dancer Dwana Smallwood to realize her vision to give back to the community she grew up in.

Located in a former industrial building, JPDA developed a series of dramatic architectural interventions that transform the exterior and create bright, airy and playful dance studios, offices, a library, and dressing rooms for the bustling families that arrive each day.

▼建筑外观,位于工业楼之中,external view of the building, a former industrial architecture



“My intention was to use my professional dancing experiences to come back to where I grew up and not only teach dance, but the confidence, love, creativity, and self-esteem that comes with learning dance,” recounts Dwana.


Dwana Smallwood表演艺术中心中设有灵活可变的舞蹈教室、演出空间和管理设施,是社区中极为重要的文化资源。在设计的初期阶段,设计师利用摄影和舞蹈符号开发了一系列图像,试图从中抽象出一套流动的建筑空间。

DSPAC combines flexible dance studios, performance spaces and administrative functions and serves as a significant cultural resource for the community. Early in the design process JPDA developed a series of figure studies using photography and dance notation to inspire a direct abstraction of movement and the flow of architectural space.

▼从舞蹈动作中提取建筑空间,abstraction of the flow of architectural space from dancing movements


The entrance is announced by a suspended canopy, via glass doors flanked by 3-d sculpted concrete panels and a marquee that establish the abstract vocabulary of undulating energy and movement. Cast ripple and spiral panels hint at the energy and dynamic spirit of the public programs.

▼红色的波纹表达舞蹈的动态,the red undulation expresses the dynamic spirit of dancing


The stairwell and second floor reception are clad in dimensional CNC-milled lacquered panels that conceal storage, signage and lighting. The circular ripple motif carries through to a colorful and warm library that provides comfortable seating and a social gathering space. The area creates an oasis of calm for reading and stretching, as well as social space for connecting with friends and neighbors.


▼圆形波纹图案延续到图书室,木材和家具的颜色带来温馨的感觉,the circular ripple motif continues into the library, wood shelves and the colors of the furniture create a warm atmosphere

▼学生可以在图书室中进行不同活动,various activities in the library


Open, bright studios with sprung floors and glowing skylights are the focus for dancers. The two studios are flexibly divided and can open up to one large dance stage with blackout curtains at performance time.

▼明亮通透的舞蹈教室,bright and airy dancing studio

▼两间舞蹈教室打通形式一个巨大舞台,open up the two studios to create a large dance stage

▼嵌入式储物柜,鲜艳的颜色给人以充满活力的感觉,storage concealed behind the panels, bright colors provide a vibrant feeling

Dwana Smallwood曾是艾利美国舞蹈剧院的首席舞者,之后在南非Oprah Winfrey领袖学院任职。在她决定回到家乡教授舞蹈后得到了Oprah的直接资助,从而建立了这座社区学校及资源中心。组织旨在运用艺术和基础舞蹈在纽约社区中寻找有能力的年轻人,将他们培养塑造成舞蹈精英和艺术家,进而到世界的舞台上成长、发展和竞争。该中心鼓励贫困人群参与到创造性的活动中去,成为了社区发展的跳板。

Formerly Principal Dancer with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Dwana Smallwood later served as Director at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in South Africa. After deciding to return to her home neighborhood to teach dance, the project benefited from Oprah’s direct support to spur the growth of the organization in developing a school and resource center for the community. The organization aims to use the arts, primarily dance, as a means to empower youth within New York’s inner city communities. They endeavor to mold elite dancers and artists who will be able to develop, grow and compete on the world’s stage. The center is a springboard for creating community identity and encouraging creative activity within an underserved population.



Project Information
Client: Dwana Smallwood Performing Arts Center
Architect: Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture
Design Team: Jordan Parnass, Mithila Poojari, Lucie Tomastikova, John Baker, Philip M. Weller, Dimiti Kim, Carlos Gastelum, Chris Nelson
Consultants: EP Engineering (MEP)
Contractor: Supreme General Contracting

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