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Dividì座椅是意大利工程师兼设计师Alex Bocchi的最新作品,最初是为参加Lombardy Region和意大利工业设计协会共同举办的比赛而设计,并被命名为“分享”(意大利语是Condivisione)。设计灵感源于对人与日常用品的交互的深入考量。椅子是我们日常生活的一部分,是一件不可或缺的家具,尽管我们已视之为理所当然。椅子促使我们与人进行交流,有时候,椅子能够代表那些分享与互动的时刻。

Dividì is the last project by Alex Bocchi, Italian Engineer and Designer. The project was born with the aim of participating in the competition launched by the Lombardy Region in partnership with ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale) titled Sharing (“Condivisione”in italian). The idea emerged from analyzing common daily objects and how they interact with people throughout their daily life. The chair is part of our everyday life, and although it is sometimes taken for granted, it is a fundamental element of furniture. The chair allows us to interact with people based on their use and thus, sometimes unconsciously, represents the main character among moments of sharing.



Dividì was conceived by imagining two people, meeting, wanting to share the same situation, the same place, and for this reason decide to separate the chair into two independent, equally usable, items; a stool and a zaisu Japanese chair. Dividì is a chair, a classic piece of furniture, but it is also imagined as an object that can generate new interactions among users thanks to the simple gesture of its separation. Dividì is made possible by the skills of wood carpenters in the province of Lecco who, through their knowledge, have been able to cure every little detail of the chair adding value to the final result.

▼椅身可分离为一把凳子和一个无腿靠椅,the chair can be separated into a stool and a zaisu Japanese chair


The detail of the seat, which along the back passes from a V-section to a linear section, and the choice of materials itself, shows care complex detailed compared with the simple aspect. Birch wood with its natural fragrance and light color essence gives a Scandinavian look to the chair and the wood grains stand out to the touch thanks to the natural processing of the essence. The strong material aspect of the padding is obtained using the Field fabric, with a thick and consistent texture, made by the Danish international company Kvadrat. Not only the sense of sight is important thanks to the design and care of the details, but also the touch and the smell play a key role in the perception of the Dividì chair. Not forgetting the ironic aspect of design, the sharing topic (“condivisione” in italian) can be reinterpreted as a subdivision (“con divisione”, two separeted words that means “with division”), suggesting how the separation of the chair designed is the direction that should be taken. For this reason “a chair is not just a chair“.

▼椅背的V字骨架,the V-section of the back


Designer: Alex Bocchi
Tutor of competition: Arch. Giorgio Caporaso
Manufactorer: Perucchini Arredamenti Sas
Photo credits: Giuseppe Giudici
Year: 2017
Category: Furniture
Dimension: 550x550x780 mm
More info:

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