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Renaissance of Olympic old buildings

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2018年夏季,Desjardins Movement的线上服务办公室迁入了曾被命名为“奥林匹克塔”的蒙特利尔塔(Montréal Tower)。蒙特利尔塔自1987年即被空置,而后被Provencher_Roy事务所改造成办公空间。Desjardins将成为该塔十五年来的第一个入驻企业,其线上服务应答及管理中心占据这座传奇建筑十二层中的七层,占可用租赁面积的80%。2015年,奥利匹克公园开启了园区翻新的长期规划,在这期间,Provencher_Roy事务所用幕墙替换了建筑原有的混凝土外墙结构,以增强建筑的通透性并提升开窗率,在尊重原建筑的基础上为建筑引入自然光照。

During the summer of 2018, Desjardins Movement’s online services’ office spaces moved to the Montréal Tower, once know as the Olympic Tower of Montreal. Unoccupied since 1987, the tower has transformed into an office space, following the design work carried out by Provencher_Roy. Desjardins is becoming the first site’s tenant for the next 15 years. Its call and administrative centers occupy seven of the twelve floors of this mythical place, representing 80% of the rental space available. During the work renovations initiated in 2015, long planned by the Olympic Park, Provencher_Roy replaced the existing prefabricated concrete envelope with a curtain wall for more abundant transparency and fenestration, thereby augmenting the presence of natural light within while respecting the original architecture.

▼蒙特利尔塔外观,overview of Montréal Tower ©Stéphane Brügger


提升建筑标准 | A massive bringing up to standards

蒙特利尔塔进行了重大改造,以更好地匹配入驻公司标准。由建筑师罗杰·塔利伯特(Roger Taillibert)设计的蒙特利尔塔采用预制混凝土穿孔面板,形成垂直分布的条形窗户,以提供符合原设计需求的照明系统。该系统最初是为综合体育空间而设计,因此必须根据Desjardins集团的新需求重新改造。

The Montreal Tower had a major make over to better reflect its new corporate vocation. Designed by the architect Roger Taillibert, the original tower employed prefab concrete panels pierced with vertical strips of windows to provide the zenithal lighting suitable for its initial use. The architecture was originally designed to accommodate sports federations, therefor it had to be readapted to accommodate to many of Desjardins Group teams.

▼被保留的体育馆特征,preserved stadium characteristics ©Stéphane Brügger

如今,Desjardins金融机构的数千名员工能够享受这个沐浴着阳光的现代化工作空间。为了实现这一目标,蒙特利尔塔内几乎所有的机械系统都进行了翻新,以使其达到规范和标准。毫无疑问,改造的最大挑战即用玻璃幕墙替换塔楼外的预制混凝土面板。改造后玻璃幕墙面积占建筑外立面60%,有效提升了建筑的通透性,是创造舒适工作环境不可缺少的一环。不仅如此,新的幕墙露出了塔楼壮观的建筑结构特征,使塔楼焕发出新的生命力。事务所联合创始人及高级合伙人克劳德·普罗旺彻(Claude Provencher)说到:“经历了三十年的默默无闻,我们终于重新像世界展示了蒙特利尔塔壮观的结构!”

The thousand employees of the financial institution now enjoy those modern workspaces, bathed in natural light. To achieve this result, almost all the Montréal Tower’s mechanical systems had to be renovated to bring them up to code and standards. However, the biggest challenge was undoubtedly the stripping of the tower’s prefabricated concrete panels to make way for the transparency afforded by a glass curtain wall covering 60% of the facade—an essential element in creating a pleasant work environment. In addition to exposing the spectacular structure of the architectural icon, the approach also brings the tower to life and gives it a new energy. “After its 30 years of concealed existence, we finally unveiled to the whole world the new structure of the Montréal Tower!”  says Claude Provencher, senior partner and co-founder of the architectural firm.

▼玻璃幕墙为开阔的室内空间引入自然光,glass wall introduce natural light into the inner space ©Stéphane Brügger

▼现代化工作空间,modern workspaces ©Stéphane Brügger


具象征意义的室内设计 | Symbolic interior design


In addition to ensuring a work environment that encourages exchanges and creativity, the main purpose of the adopted concept was to symbolize the history of the tower. The remarkable space offered by the seven floors of this Québec architectural symbol is now enhanced by a design adapted to the organic forms of the stadium, being able to offer all employees a stimulating and cooperative work environment. Several historical references to the first vocation of the stadium are found within the different areas. Among them, the ceiling’s poppy-shaped details in the waiting area reminds us of the old orange roof canvas, as seen before when inside.

▼等候区,waiting area ©Stéphane Brügger

▼等候区天花板装饰,让人联想起体育馆屋顶橙色的帆布,ceiling’s details, reminding of the old orange roof canvas ©Stéphane Brügger

Provencher_Roy 事务所的室内设计师Julien-Pierre Laurendeau 解释道:“能够设计这样富有想象力的特殊空间是我们的荣幸。我们的设计策略着重于再现蒙特利尔塔令人赞叹的建筑特征,体现其奥林匹克精神。空间的室内设计旨在创建鼓励协作与共享的健康工作环境,并使其足以匹配Desjardins集团的价值。”

“It was a privilege to work on such an exceptional site that represents so much in the collective imagination. Our design strategy has been to showcase the spectacular architectural character of the Montreal Tower, still imbued with the Olympic spirit. Interior design encourages collaboration and sharing of knowledge in a healthy environment, as well as drawing a parallel with the values of Desjardins, ” explained Julien-Pierre Laurendeau, an interior designer at Provencher_Roy.

▼打造鼓励分享的健康工作空间,healthy environment encouraging sharing ©Stéphane Brügge

▼工作区一角,partial view of working place ©Stéphane Brügge


▼落地窗前的休闲区,spaces of collaboration and relaxation near the glass wall ©Stéphane Brügger

From inside out, the impressive concrete structure was highlighted by the neutral hues of the surfaces. The spacious and bright rooms now have a pale gray and marbled floor. The windows are unobstructed to allow the creation of an architectural promenade offering employees a magnificent view of the stadium and the city. Spaces of collaboration and relaxation were also arranged along the imposing glass walls.

▼塔楼原有的混凝土结构,original concrete stratucture ©Stéphane Brügger

▼室内铺设浅灰色大理石板,pale gray and marbled floor ©Stéphane Brügger


The place is articulated as a working tool, with the ultramodern offices incorporating the latest technological equipment in order to attract and meet the needs of employees aged 25 to 35. The lounges, entertainment areas, coffee counters and multifunctional rooms were designed specifically for a young and active clientele. The streamlined and the contemporary styles of its’ interior design creates for Desjardins employees a strong sense of belonging, transforming the development of a “workplace” into a real “living space”.

▼多功能空间,multifunctional space ©Stéphane Brügger

▼静谧的休息区,quiet lounges ©Stéphane Brügger

▼咖啡吧台,coffee counters ©Stéphane Brügger

▼会议室,meeting room ©Stéphane Brügger


Desjardins Group’s new premises’ inauguration took place during summer 2018. This unifying revitalized project revived everyone’s pride and sparked a wave of enthusiasm and curiosity among the population. More than a symbolic place that was once dedicated to the Olympic Games, the Montréal Tower is now an indelible mark on the collective imagination.

▼办公楼连通空间,corridor space ©Stéphane Brügger

▼夜色中的蒙特利尔塔, Montréal Tower at night 17 ©Stéphane Brügger

▼建筑平面,plan ©Provencher_Roy

City: Montreal, Canada
Location:  4141, avenue Pierre-De Coubertin, Montréal, Québec  Canada  H1V 3N7 
Client: Desjardins Gestion immobilière
Year: 2018
Area: 150,000 sq. ft. on seven floors
Reception area with interactive window, Espace carrière et co-création, 7 multifunctional conference rooms, 11 meeting rooms, 1 auditorium, 26 coaching areas, 1,200 open area positions for 1,400 employees, 23 closed offices, A 400-seat dining room including a 150-seat multifunctional room, 6 coffee spaces, 6 entertainment areas, 3 lounges, 25 collaborative living rooms, A wellness centre including an exercise room
Photography: Stéphane Brügger

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