Depot Amsterdam Noord by cepezed

Amsterdam mayor opens circular and energy-neutral archive depot

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阿姆斯特丹市长于近日宣布开放北区仓库(Depot Amsterdam Noord),作为城市档案馆的新地址。该建筑使得既有的存档设施增加了一倍,而且完全不消耗化石燃料。循环的设计使得建筑拥有循环的交通路径,并且可以进行移动。在未来,建筑可以根据需要改变使用方式,或者在拆除后为其他建筑物提供材料。这对于档案馆建筑而言非同寻常。

Today, mayor Halsema of Amsterdam will open Depot Amsterdam Noord, a new repository for the capital’s Stadsarchief, the city’s archives. The depot almost doubles the existing archive facilities and is completely energy neutral. Moreover, it has a flexible design that renders the building circular and removable: it is easy to use it differently, give it another function or to use it as a material donor for other buildings in the future. Especially for an archive building, that is extraordinary.

▼建筑外观,exterior view ©Lucas van der Wee


45km的货架空间 | 45 km extra shelf space

新的建筑位于阿姆斯特丹北部Vasumweg大街和Internetstraat大街的转角处,由cepezed设计,BAM Bouw en Techniek实施,仓库的总面积为2666平方米,货架的线性长度为45千米,可存放自1811年拿破仑引入民事登记系统以来的所有市政档案。在此之前的档案则存放在阿姆斯特丹市中心的De Bazel大楼中。

The new repository has been realized by BAM Bouw en Techniek within a Design, Build & Maintain assignment. cepezed and cepezedinterieur designed the building, which is located in the north part of Amsterdam on the corner of Tt. Vasumweg and Internetstraat. With a gross floor area of ​​2,665 m2 and 45 linear kilometers of shelf space, Depot Amsterdam Noord contains all municipal archives from 1811, when Napoleon introduced the Civil Registry. The pieces from before that time, as well as posters, prints, photos and film material, remain in the monumental De Bazel building in the centre of Amsterdam. De Bazel also remains the public centre, with room for research, exhibitions, events and courses.

▼仓库货架的线性长度为45千米,Depot Amsterdam Noord has 45 linear kilometers of shelf space ©Lucas van der Wee


实用且高效 | Functional and efficient


The new depot does not receive visitors and has a purely functional and efficient design. In addition to the archive spaces, it consists of a small program of supporting spaces for the reception, quarantine, intake, cleaning and processing of documents. The archive spaces themselves consist of two largely twelve-meter high halls connected by a traffic zone with lifts and stairs.

▼交通空间,traffic zone ©Lucas van der Wee

▼上下层空间关系,the spatial relationship between floors ©Lucas van der Wee


Special is that the halls do not have any structural storey floors. The filing cabinets cover the full height and the floors consist of wooden panels between the cabinets. This solution minimizes the use of materials, but also makes an important contribution to circularity and an efficient climate control.

▼大厅的上下高度完全被文件柜填满,the filing cabinets cover the full height of the halls ©Lucas van der Wee


粗野的美学 | Robust aesthetics


The look and feel of Depot Amsterdam Noord is fierce and robust. The building block is almost completely closed and from the outside, it does not reveal what it contains. It has a dark, completely flush and anthracite-coloured façade with a horizontal band of solar panels in the middle that is also dark grey. The detailing is minimalist. The sleek and basic character of the building makes for a firm landing of the storage place within its surroundings. Strongly contrasting, the three red Andreas crosses from the Amsterdam logo have been placed on the grey façade. These have been magnified to such an extent that half of the lower and upper cross has “fallen away”. This also contributes to the robust appearance.

▼平滑的深灰色立面穿插着横向铺设的太阳能电池板,the completely flush and anthracite-coloured façade with a horizontal band of solar panels in the middle ©Lucas van der Wee

▼十字架细部,the red cross

▼场地平面图,site plan

▼一层平面图,ground floor plan



project: stadsarchief amsterdam: depot amsterdam noord
address: internetstraat 10, amsterdam
client: municipality of amsterdam, amsterdam
architect: cepezed architectural office delft
interior architect: cepezedinterior delft
structural engineer: bam construction & technology region northwest
climate concept, building physics, sustainability,
acoustics and fire safety:dgmr
the hague
mep consultant:
halmos advisors
design build maintain contractor: bam construction & technology region northwest
steel construction:
vic obdam
official opening: november 2019
gfa: 2,665 m2
photography: cepezed | lucas van der wee

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