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Going for the original structure, ornaments and typology of the building.

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la Laguna. Tenerife
caja Canarias, 2005


Casa Martínez Barona(18世纪)位于拉拉古纳的城市中心,被评为世界遗产。
该建筑的境况十分糟糕,其建筑方案不够理想,部分结构甚至已经完全毁坏。Casa Martínez Barona在历史、艺术和建筑方面的重要性成就了此次翻修工程。

Since the late 20thcentury many small museums dedicated to outstanding painters of the avant-garde movements have been created in Spain. These museums have been turning into spaces that also promote plenty of artistic and cultural activities. They usually give a lot more visibility to the areas where they are located and in many cases they have helped to restore historical buildings that would not have been preserved otherwise. The “Casa Martínez Barona” (18th century) is located in the centre of the site declared World Heritage of the city of La Laguna.The building was in deplorable conditions, with low construction solutions and with some parts totally ruined.The historical, artistic and architectural importance of the construction was what set the basis of the refurbishment.









As of today, is well known that the use of historical buildings as museums requires specific and very complex systems. This is the reason why one of the most difficult parts in developing an architectural project of these characteristics is finding balance between the need of keeping the collections properly and the preservation of the building. In this case, the intervention was also made taking into account the future contents, bounded to contemporary art.

The refurbishment aimed to be contemporary and in some way aseptic, always keeping in mind the needed connection between modern architecture and the essence and heritage of this historical 18th century construction. It is for that reason that complex and showy structures were avoided, going for the original structure, ornaments and typology of the building instead.

Juan Pablo R. Frade, Arquitecto





FUNDACIÓN CRISTINO DE VERA     San Agustín 18, 38201 – San Cristóbal de La Laguna. Tenerife
PROPERTY:              Fundación Caja Canarias
OPENING:                2009
CURRENT USABLE AREA:         1.000 m2
ARCHITECTURAL PROJECT:    Frade Arquitectos S.L.

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