C&P Corporate Office by INNOCAD

To integrate wholeness and persistence with movement and dynamics

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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The C&P headquarters, which is located at the most high traffic entrances to Graz, brings clarity and conciseness to this new emerging and vibrant city district. From an urban planning perspective it exudes individuality within the context of the challenge of integrating a flat transition area linked to an industrial environment, thus creating a new landmarked space. Another aim is to create an authentic example of the “build identity” within the context of a seven story building by incorporating the client’s logo icon consistently throughout the building elevation.

▼建筑外观,exterior view

▼建筑的玻璃核心筒被包围在浮动的混凝土结构内部,the building consists of a glass dominated core within a floating concrete structure


Organized as a cube – which symbolizes the values of the company including: openness and transparency, demand and surplus value, organization and efficiency, flexibility and movement – the building consists of a glass dominated core within a floating concrete structure. The transparent office space is layered with slight and symmetric grids which include space surrounding each floor between these two structures. The transition of light through the glass cube and the light from the external floating body represents connectivity between building layers as well as between people and their surroundings. Because of the constant exposure of natural light, the building’s facade changes its appearance due to the fabric which blends the day’s dynamics depending on people’s needs.

▼透明的办公空间被置于轻盈而对称的网格中,the transparent office space is layered with slight and symmetric grids

▼每个楼层形成环绕的走廊区域,the corridor space surrounding each floor


The project name, “CUBEND”, is a unification of the word “cube” relating to wholeness and persistence and word “bend”, referring to movement and dynamics. This forward-thinking concept of the building sets the stage for an efficient, activity based, and identity-enhancing working environment which balances people, place and technology from inside to outside. The interior organization reflects the corporate architectural elements that create fragmented space formations around an elongated atrium inserted through of all the floors. With the exponential growth of the atrium, stretching from ground floor up to rooftop, the functions of the “New Work” concept are organized in a circular flow with communal zones, working and private areas that are positioned around the void.

▼室内的布局呈现出一体化的形态,the interior organization reflects the corporate architectural elements

▼细长的中庭从首层一路延伸至屋顶,the elongated atrium stretches from ground floor up to rooftop


▼公共空间,public space

▼会议室,meeting room

▼屋顶天台,rooftop terrace

▼夜景,night view

Client: C&P Immobilien AG
Location: Graz, AUSTRIA
Floor Space: 2465 m2
Number of Floors: 7
Construction Start: 08 / 2016
Completion: 10 / 2017
Project Team: Patrick Handler
Jörg Kindermann, Martin Lesjak, Elisabeth Krammer, Dominik Gladik
Photographer: Paul Ott

More: INNOCAD,更多关于他们:INNOCAD on gooood

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