Covering patio of Polytechnic UA by WOHA

A pure white bubbles on the patio

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项目为西班牙UA理工学院教学楼改造,原有的天井被新建的顶棚覆盖起来。项目旨在营造舒适的体感温度环境的同时,保持良好的照明与通风,达到将室外空间转换成室内空间的目的。除了遮风挡雨外,设计师还希望运用当代的建筑语言,重现百年前明亮的天窗景观。由于学校将在 “高等专科学校的庭院论坛”期间,于此举办讲座,会议等活动,WOHA事务所设计了该顶棚将空间保护起来,避免活动受到太阳光,或风雨的影响。

Covering patio of a building necessarily implies transforming it. To convert an exterior space into an interior one, lighting and ventilation conditions must be maintained without altering the thermal balance. In addition, it must protect from wind and rain. The idea of the project is to go back in time to the light and bright skylights of more than a hundred years ago, although under a contemporary vision. In ‘patio principal de la Escuela Politécnica Superior’ events, conferences and acts are held, therefore it was necessary to cover it, for this the resulting space must be protected from the direct action of the sun, wind or rain.

▼项目概览,Overview of the project © David Frutos


The project proposes the design of a new space through the use of a translucent stretched textile structure using the least possible material. By tilting the existing walls on the edges of the patio in opposite directions and tightening the translucent fabric on the new perimeter, a space is achieved that seems to expand like a soap bubble from the inside.

Overview of the project at distance © David Frutos

▼项目宛如从内部膨胀出来的泡泡空间,a space seems to expand like a bubble from the inside  © David Frutos


Double curvature of the roof solves, on the one hand, the slopes necessary for the evacuation of rainwater and, on the other, stability against the action of the wind. The perimeter is reinforced by a metal compression ring through which the reinforced PVC sheet is prestressed. Membrane condition of the textile structure minimizes the thickness: 0.8 mm for a maximum span of 12 m.

▼顶棚膜结构与支撑结构示意图, scheme of the covering structure © WOHA

织物表面并没有严丝合缝地连接在围合墙面上, 而是仿佛漂浮于其上,15厘米的缝隙,同时有利于室内的交叉通风。

The fabric forms a surface that seems to float with respect to its perimeter since it does not touch it and the fact of rounding the perimeter meetings makes the space be perceived as continuous and with diffuse natural lighting. The fabric separates from the wall around its perimeter 15 cm, allowing cross ventilation.

▼室内概览, overall view of the project interior © David Frutos


The sheet acts as a “sundial” as it is perforated at the highest points. The interior walls act as reflectors and light multipliers.

sheet acts as a “sundial” as it is perforated at the highest points © David Frutos

▼白色的墙面增强了光线的反射,使空间更加明亮, interior walls act as reflectors and light multipliers © David Frutos

▼室外空间转换成室内空间,为活动提供了场地, exterior space convert into interior provide activity place © David Frutos

▼顶棚细部, detail of the covering © David Frutos

▼顶棚平面图, master plan of the covering © WOHA

▼顶棚立面图,elevations of the covering © WOHA

▼剖面图,sections © WOHA

General information
Project Name: Covering patio of Polytechnic UA
Architecture Office: WOHA by Antonio Maciá
Contact e-mail:
Country of Office: Spain
Construction completion year: 2019
Location: University of Alicante (San Vicent del Raspeig)
Media provider
Photography Credits: David Frutos
Photographer Website:
Photographer’s email:
Additional credits
Architects In Charge: WOHA by Antonio Maciá: Antonio Maciá and Ana Mora
Design Team: Antonio Maciá Mateu / Ana Mora Vitoria / Daniel Carratalá Climent
Construction company: Reintegral, SL
Technical Architect: Francisco Rodriguez Navarro
Structural calculation: Salvador Ivorra Chorro
Collaborators: Ana Fernández Martínez, David Gil Delgado, Juan Antonio García, Rafael Zarza

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