Côte Ouest new office by Collective Parenthese

A modular working space located in a former garage

Project Specs


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该项目坐落在波尔多Sud Ouest报社的旧车库中,是为活动策划公司Côte Ouest打造的新办公空间。

The new offices of the Côte Ouest event agency are located in the former garage of the Bordeaux newspaper Sud Ouest.

▼办公室概览,office overview ©François Passerini


They are organized in several subspaces that we have linked by a large mesh generating various uses. This square mesh in wooden cleats incorporates storage, displays, decoration, plants and retractable workstations for occasional use.

▼由大尺寸网格连接的工作空间,the working spaces are organized in several subspaces linked by a large mesh generating various uses ©François Passerini

▼模块化的工作站,modular work stations ©François Passerini

▼木框架展示墙,the display wall made of wooden frames ©François Passerini

▼细部,detailed view ©François Passerini


The mezzanine taking place above the management offices is a major element of the project, overlooking the rest of the agency. It provides archive storage, a multipurpose space serving either as a meeting and briefing room for the whole team, or as a customer or partner reception room.

▼从办公空间望向夹层,view to the mezzanine from the office area ©François Passerini


▼工作单元示意图, work unit diagrams ©Collective Parenthese (diagram) ©François Passerini

The open space is the central space of the project. It is made up of 7 work units which can each accommodate 4 people. Each work module can be moved as required. It incorporates storage, individual lighting, electrical outlets and an acoustic treatment.

▼从夹层俯瞰7个工作单元,overlook to the 7 work units from the mezzanine ©François Passerini

▼工作台细部,work place detailed view ©François Passerini


Knowing how the agency works, we designed this tailor-made project, adapting to the needs of the team members.

▼模块化家具细部,work unit detailed view ©François Passerini

▼平面图,plan ©Collective Parenthese

Photos : François Passerini
Conception : Parenthèse
Construction : Zelium

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