Coruscant Office by Brenac + Gonzalez et associés

building facade with visual shock and environmental protection

Project Specs


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该项目位于已建成的Landy Studios商场对面,建筑内部通道延伸至Lumières街,同时与Rameau街相连。而设计师的最初方案也根据这个场地环境而来,同时有机的将办公空间、工作室和活动空间都融入其中。建筑折纸式的金属外壳是整个设计的亮点,它创造出一种独特的美学效果。

The origami-like folded metallic envelope makes it possible to unify office, studio and activity specifications and creates a singular esthetic that relies mainly on environmental ambitions.The project is across from the Landy Studios, already built on the other side of a mall with greenery. The interior throughway is extended by the rue des Lumières that creates an initial hyphen of the volume via a passageway under a porch and connected to the rue Rameau.

▼建筑外观,exterior view

▼从街道对面远观建筑,looking across the street from a distance building

▼与庭院相结合的建筑入口,the entrance combined with the courtyard

▼建筑北立面,the back facade of the building

▼供员工休闲的木平台花园,wooden platform garden for employees to relax

▼木平台细部,the detail of the wooden terrace

。在光照良好的日子里,褶皱金属斗篷外立面会展现出一种特别的美 ,让整个建筑看起来更加统一,同时与立面的垂直的窗户相配合,达到室内外更好的保温功能。

The scheme is comprised of activity space requiring large volumes and offices. In such a configuration choosing vertical windows provides thermal efficiency, a good daylight-factor coefficient and specific esthetics highlighted by the presence of a pleated metal cape. This envelope unifies the specifications and meets the project’s environmental ambitions.

▼褶皱金属斗篷外立面会展现出一种特别的美,specific esthetics highlighted by the presence of a pleated metal cape


The façade is composed of two ensembles: An insulated façade encased in natural anodized aluminum, opened by a succession of varnished natural-wood window frames that open in the French manner. This arrangement enables cleaning from the inside and improves ventilation and natural smoke extraction.An expanded champagne-colored anodized aluminum cape that enables the whole building to be covered by a unitary and changing skin that also serves as a guardrail and a shade screen.

▼香槟色氧化铝制成的斗篷结构作为建筑饰面,champagne-colored anodized aluminum cape that enables the whole building to be covered

▼从内部欣赏金色的斗篷饰面,the golden cloak finish admiring from the inside

▼斗篷结构也作为护栏和遮阳屏使用,the facade serves as a guardrail and a shade screen


This overlapping creates a woven effect on the outer surface and creates genuine unity to the entire project.The building enjoys a very high level of energy efficiency. To achieve this, the façade’s window space was limited to 50% to reduce a maximum of thermal loss.

▼垂直窗户以加强整个建筑内部的热效率,vertical windows provides thermal efficiency

▼室内入口处,interior entrance

▼黄昏里随光照变化的立面,facade with light changing at dusk

▼建筑夜晚效果,the building in the evening

▼场地平面,the site plan

▼一层平面,the ground floor plan




Programme : Immeuble de Bureaux / Office Building
Localisation : Saint-Denis, France
Client : Foncière Paris France
Engineering : Scyna4, Ingeni, Tohier
Project Manager : Jean-Pierre Léveque, Arnaud Casemajor
Surface : 15000 m2

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