Corridor of the Fold by Jun Igarashi Architects

A sake shop combined housing in Hokkaido

Project Specs


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Charles Moore说:“在我查阅地图时,那些充满变化的轮廓,如海湾和港口、岛屿、河口,它们比那种海陆相接的简单海岸线要更加有趣。如果拿建筑来类比,普通的房间就相当于简单开阔的海面,而像壁龛这样的空间就相当于那些形态更加复杂的海岸线。”

Charles Moore says, “When I see the map, the coastal rich variety such as bays and ports, islands and archipelagos, coves and estuaries is more interesting than a simple coastline where the land hits the ocean.” ” And the room is a spacious ocean ground architectural version. ”And he says “Places like complicated topography to the ocean are Alcove etc., which enables basic human actions.”

▼项目概览,project overview


This building is a shop combined housing built in Kitami city which is the east town of Hokkaido. On this site, 3 sides face the road. A neighbor is built in the east. In the south, the neighborhood is built with a road of width 6 meters, where it fell by about 1.3 m. In the west there are two very lane roads with very high traffic on one side “Tonden-dori”.In the north is a context with elementary schools across a road with a width of 8 meters.


▼建筑外观,exterior view


Three parking lots for shops that are the owner’s request were placed northwest of the site that allowed smooth access to the premises. We placed the transport vehicle space to the east side of the site. From the approaching store approach, we developed the building’s volume so that the back yards such as trucks and container places can not be seen. In order to arrange the entrance of the store to an invisible position according to the request of the owner, we made an alley and planned that visitors pass through the courtyard.

▼从道路望向入口,entrance view from the road

▼建筑的入口较为隐蔽,进入时首先要经过一条巷道,visitors are invited to enter the building from an alley


▼弧形的空间带来引人入胜的感觉,the curved space leads the visitors to go through the other side of the building that can not be seen

If the surrounding environment is the ocean and the architecture is an island floating in the sea, the terrain affected by the context of waves and the like appears on the coast where the ocean and the island meet. Such places can have simple coasts and complex coves as well. I think that the shape of this building is the same. This store’s program is a select shop specialized in selective sake, and the couple manages the shop while living here.The interior is a curved space, and you will proceed to the back space while imagining the other side that can not be seen.The curved space is a complicated topography, it is like Alcove, and in the entire building it is the ocean, which is a double meaningful space.

▼庭院中的入口,entrance in the courtyard


A simple hospitalization at the couple is conditional, a counter is set to make a simple coastline in the ocean, the customer meets the displayed sake, and the customer purchases his own sake from the back warehouse and purchases it for himself .

▼清酒的展示台犹如一道简洁流畅的海岸线,a counter for sake display is set to make a simple coastline in the ocean

▼顾客可以从这里充分地了解商品,in this space, the customer meets the displayed sake

▼楼梯通往二层居住空间,staircase leading to the residential area on the upper floor


The plan is repeated to the second floor, and the program is renewed to the residence.This curved tube space has complexity like an river, so it has properties like Alcove. In the big space, make a small intricate entrance (sofa in the birth style). In this space, variety of miscellaneous things such as furniture, chairs and living are floating. I believe that the plane and the space that is the ocean and the cove are inevitably led by the context of context and are whereabouts.


▼隧道般的空间,a curved, tube-like space

▼用餐区,dining area

▼沙发被设置在凹进的小空间内,the built-in seating area

▼室内细部,interior detailed view

▼外立面细部,facade detail

▼场地平面图,site plan

▼首层平面图,plan level 1

▼二层平面图,plan level 2

Project Name : Corridor of the Fold
Location : Kitami,Hokkaido
Total Floor Area:142.53㎡
Design Period:2015.9~2017.12
Construction Period:2018.1~2018.7
Designer:Jun Igarashi Architects
Building Type : shop + house
Photo:Ikuya Sasaki

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