Copenhagen International School Nordhavn By C.F. Møller Architects

Solar-powered School of the Future.

Project Specs


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CIS Nordhavn is a new school building for the Copenhagen International School, which will be located on a prominent site in Copenhagen’s new Nordhavn district. The 25,000 m2 school building will be Copenhagen’s largest school, and accommodate 1,200 students and 280 employees. The modern educational architecture is designed to link the school premises with the public sphere in the urban environment, and give the school an open ambience. The promenade outside the school will become an urban port-side space providing opportunities for relaxation and various activities.


▼夜色中的建筑,architecture in the night


▼建筑主体被分为四个塔型建筑,the main school building is subdivided into four smaller “towers”

▼屋顶操场,the roof playground

The main school building is subdivided into four smaller “towers”, ranging from five to seven storeys, each specially adapted to meet the needs of children at different stages of development. For example, the classrooms for the youngest pupils are particularly large: A full range of functions will take place in and around the classroom, each of which has designated green spaces and areas with drama/performance facilities, PE, etc. The subdivision of the school into four units facilitates community, identity and easy way finding. All four school units are built on top of the ground-floor base, which contains common and more extrovert activities, including a foyer, sports facilities, a canteen, a library and performance facilities. The classroom units can thus be closed-off outside normal school hours, while the common areas will remain open for school and local community events.

▼底层公共连通空间,the ground floor as a base

▼图书阅览空间,the reading space

▼教室,class room

▼低龄学生表演空间,the drama room

▼明亮的教学空间,classroom with natural light




The base includes a common roof terrace which will function as a school playground for the whole school – and the youngest pupils in particular. The elevated school playground provides a secure environment, which prevents students from coming too close to the water or from straying off the school premises.

▼低层屋顶游乐场,the roof playground

▼提供适宜低龄儿童游乐设施,facilities for youngest pupil


The school building’s unique facade will be covered in 12,000 solar panels, each individually angled to create a sequin-like effect, which will supply more than half of the school’s annual electricity consumption. The solar cells will cover a total area of ​​6,048 square meters, making it one of the largest building-integrated solar power plants in Denmark, estimated to produce over 200 MWh per year.In addition to contributing to the school’s green profile, the solar cells also form a permanent part of the school’s curriculum, allowing students to monitor energy production and use data in physics and mathematics classes.

▼太阳能板覆盖的建筑,solar panel as the surface

▼太阳能板细部详图,detail of the solar panel

▼底层平面图,the ground floor plan

▼一层平面图,the first floor plan

▼四层平面图,the third floor plan


Address: Levantkaj, Nordhavnen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Client: Property Foundation Copenhagen International School (ECIS)
Architect: C.F. Møller Architects
Landscape architect: C.F. Møller Landscape
Engineer: Niras
Size: 25,000 m2 (1200 students)
Year: 2013-2017
photographer: Adam Mørk

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