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非常感谢Nina Mair将以下内容授权gooood发行。
Appreciation towards Nina Mair for providing the following description:


Deeply rooted in architecture – based on experience gained from reinforced concrete structures –
this unusual table is a reflection of the engagement with self-supporting structures. Concrete Table
has the stability of a building, but at the same time it is almost feminine and delicate. With a thickness
of only 3 cm, the steel reinforced table spans 220 cm. Concrete Table provides ample space, either for
a dinner party seating eight people, as a dinner table for the whole family, or to be put on display as
a very striking office table. This piece gives an almost monolithic impression thanks to the use of such
a radical and unusual material. A joint in the concrete accentuates the elegant curve of the transition
between the table top and the legs. The feel of the smooth polished and waxed surface is a haptic highlight.






Concrete table
Nina Mair Architecture + Design
table design
Producer: dade-design
Photography: Markus Bstieler
Dimensions: WxLxH = 95x220x74 cm
Material: reinforced concrete

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