Community Centre for People with Disabilities by Golany Architects

Friendly Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Project Specs

Design Firm:

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▼社区残障服务中心,Community Centre for People with Disabilities

The building that was designed by Tel-Aviv based Golany Architects serves people who experience disabilities. Therefore, providing accessibility was essential and indispensable. Accordingly, strict measures were employed, in order to cater for people with special needs, including wheelchair users. Inclusive design approach was implemented, so as to create an environment suiting all. It was important to make sure that the accessibility provision would not result in an unattractive, stigmatizing, remedial environment that announces people’s disability, but rather, to create a setting where everyone would feel comfortable and equal.

▼中心入口处,the entrance of the building


Colors were used to facilitate legibility and orientation. They serve as markers to assist, also those who cope with visual impairment, to find their way and remain oriented; plus, colours serve as means to create a cheerful, lively atmosphere and stimulating positive emotions. All the materials were chosen to suit the required frequent cleaning, and the accidental impact of wheelchairs. Their hues were chosen to comply with the required colour contrast.

▼入口处的大厅,the reception hall

▼颜色增加易读性标示方向性,colors were used to facilitate legibility and orientation

▼色彩营造欢快活泼的氛围,colours serve as means to create a cheerful atmosphere


The building serves as a day care centre for 40 individuals with disabilities over the age of 21. Most activities are held in the activity rooms, each serving a group of 8. In addition, the building consists of dining room, physiotherapy and other therapy rooms, meeting spaces and outdoor areas.

▼活动室,activity rooms


The connection to the outdoors has been an important consideration, as many of the users are not independently able to experience the outdoors. The north front elevation allows wide views of the street, thereby granting a sense of involvement in the local street life. While the rear south elevation with large shaded openings toward the garden, open to outdoor activity areas.

▼带有巨大遮阳的半户外区域,the large shaded openings


The front elevation is dominated by curtain windows and steel columns to match and blend in the new office buildings that are designed in this evolving urban area. The inclusive design approach that guided all the design decisions, is also presented in the way the building introduces itself to the public.

▼正立面幕窗,curtain windows

▼从室内看向户外,views from indoor to outdoor

▼正立面钢柱,steel columns

▼底层平面图,the ground floor plan

▼二层平面图,the first floor plan

Architect: Golany Architects
Lead architects: Galit Golany and Yaron Golany
Location: Holon, Israel
Client: Holon Municipality
Built area: 1200 sqm
Year: 2018
Photographs: Amit Gosher & Golany Architects

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