Color Trail by Faye + Walker

Interactive installation emulating the inherent order of the nature

Project Specs

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▼装置外观,external view of the installation ©Leonid Furmansky

▼有秩序的排列让装置呈现出调和的颜色,ordered arrangement showing a plain result ©Leonid Furmansky

▼阳光透过带子照亮装置,sunlight running into the installation through the straps ©Leonid Furmansky

The inspiration for Color Trail originates from the inherent order in nature. Though seemingly organic, wildflowers exhibit an ordered structure, from their precise petal number and pattern to their seemingly organized propagation across grassy fields. This is often the scene of the Texas Hill Country, where clusters of colorful wildflowers are found amid otherwise plain sceneries. Color Trail emulates this idea by having a monochromatic exterior shell that envelops highly contrasting planes that intersect each other. The intersecting planes are dyed blue and red after the Texas bluebonnet and the Texas Indian paintbrush, two of Lady Bird Johnson’s favorite flowers. We wanted participants to enjoy the mystery of seeing a semi-solid structure nestled into the landscape and feel compelled to experience a physical interaction. Participants could enter at either end, experiencing a slight bounce beneath their feet while catching fleeting views through sunlit straps and hearing others making their way through.

▼白色的外壳包裹蓝色和红色的带子,white shell enveloping red and blue straps ©Leonid Furmansky

▼蓝色和红色的条带交错,intersection of the red and blue straps ©Leonid Furmansky

▼装置与自然,the installation and the nature ©Leonid Furmansky

▼人与装置互动,interaction between people and the installation ©Leonid Furmansky

▼装置区位,location of the installation ©Faye + Walker Architecture

▼平面图,plan ©Faye + Walker Architecture

▼立面图,elevation ©Faye + Walker Architecture

▼剖面图,section ©Faye + Walker Architecture

Design: Faye + Walker Architecture
Photograph Credit: Leonid Furmansky

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