Coco by Larose Guyon

Inspired by legend, Coco by Larose Guyon illuminates with an air of sophistication

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Larose Guyon是来自加拿大、致力于手工创作的高端设计品牌。2019年1月,Larose Guyon官方在纽约发布了一款融合了珠宝与灯光设计的独特产品,并将其命名为“Coco”。这款灯具由10个手工吹制的圆形光源构成,看上去犹如一串温润的珍珠项链。“Coco”的命名也从侧面致敬了加布里埃·香奈儿的优雅美学。

Larose Guyon, a high-end brand infusing art, life and luxury into each timeless, handcrafted creation, is proud to unveil Coco by Larose Guyon, a unique luminaire fusion of jewellery and light. Officially launching in New York in January 2019, the hand-blown, 10-globe luminaire evokes the suppleness of a string of pearls, paying tribute to the artistic elegance of Gabrielle Chanel, more commonly known as ‘Coco’.

Larose Guyon的联合创始人Audrée L. Larose表示:“Coco可以看做是对19世纪巴黎的隐喻,如加布里埃·香奈儿一样,我们希望通过它轻盈、精致和美丽的特征来唤起那种优雅庄严的感觉。”

“Coco by Larose Guyon is a metaphorical embodiment of the spirit of 19th Century Paris,” explains Audrée L. Larose, co-founder of Larose Guyon. “Like Gabrielle Chanel, our ‘Coco’ evokes grandeur through its lightness, finesse and beauty.”


无艺术不人生 | Art for life’s sake

Coco从香奈儿的珠宝和时装中汲取灵感,其设计犹如一串发光珍珠项链。10个手工吹制的玻璃球以柔性方式连接,实现了灵活性。此外,灯上悬挂的配重、挂钩、天花板紧固件和圆环相互补充,能够在解决平衡问题的同时满足多种环境和空间的使用需要。Larose Guyon的设计美学超越了视觉层面,从情感和行为的角度来专注于灯具的设计,在为人们聚集的场所提供光亮的同时,还为这些场景赋予了诗意的氛围。

Coco draws inspiration from Chanel’s fusion of jewellery and fashion, when pearls were as likely to be sewn into the fabric of her elegant evening gowns as to be worn around her neck. Handcrafted by local artisans, the luminaire’s 10 hand-blown glass globes form the essence of a pearl necklace, with each luminous jewel connected via flexible junctions. Its flexibility is complemented by counterweights, hooks, ceiling fasteners and accessory rings, fueling the imagination by enabling a variety of unique configurations adaptable to a multitude of environments and unique spaces. The company’s artistic approach flows beyond the visual to encompass the emotional and behavioral, with a focus on designing works of light that not only illuminate the spaces where people gather, but also infuse those spaces with the elegance, poetry and symmetry of a sophisticated lifestyle.


实用而美观 | Functionally aesthetic


Using only the highest quality materials, Coco is a functional work of lighting art, handmade by a team of conscientious and meticulous craftsmen who are passionate about the quality of their work. In addition to the flexible geometric configurations offered by the luminaire, a choice of globe tints and finishes, including aged copper, aged brass, satin black and satin nickel, ensures that every installation of Coco by Larose Guyon is a truly unique creation.

Technical sheet
Materials: hand-blown glass and metal*
Metal finishes: aged copper, aged brass, satin black and satin nickel*
*Custom finishes on request
Lamping: 58W LED (3000K – 4320 Lumens)
Dimension: 88 in / 223 cm; Globe: 8 in
Price: $22,900 US
Photo credit: Larose Guyon

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