Coastal House by 6a architects

oak and concrete combine to create a country house

Project Specs


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该项目位于美丽风景区里的一块沿海地带,这栋房屋早在二十世纪初已被改造,原有的外墙饰面被剥离,安装了新的隔热层,并采用再生的Delabole板岩作为新的建筑表层。保持建筑原有的外观特点是该设计的一个重要部分,同时完全更新内部的空间,新的木楼梯和阳台将安置在旧烟囱的周围,创造出双层高房间和三层高的玄关 ,这样的设计不仅在内部空间里建立起了实体联系,同时展现出一种视觉的,以及房屋内部和外部景观之间的联系。

▼建筑所在的德文郡沿海地带,the building is sited in Devon coastal area

Positioned in an extraordinary coastal location in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, an early-twentieth century house has been transformed, through stripping it back to bare its thick stone walls, insulating the facades externally and then recladding in reclaimed Delabole slate.Maintaining the character of the relatively modest exterior was an important part of the brief, whilst inside, a complete reconfiguration of the internal volumes, and new timber stairs and balconies wound around the old chimney cores to create double height rooms and triple height top lit hallways, afford visual and physical connections between the internal spaces, as well as connections between the interior of the house and the landscape.

▼远眺建筑,exterior overview


▼改造后剖面,the long section after reconfiguration

Originally raised on a plinth above a basement, the ground floor has been lowered to the level of the surrounding ground. This, and the removal of one chimney core, replaced by a cigar column and spliced beam above, has increased the main living room volume, becoming part barn part large country house and resulted in the creation of tall, elongated openings to the outside where the old window opening once were. The masonry reveals clues of its previous form as fireplaces become wall recesses, and former joist supports become a low-level shelf.

▼雪茄柱和上方的加固横梁增加了主客厅的空间,the cigar column and the reinforced beams above add to the space in the main living room

▼拥有高大窗户的餐厅区域,the kitchen with tall and large windows

▼三层层高的玄关空间,triple height top lit hallways

风干橡木横梁成为房屋中的主要外露建筑结构,与现有的石质材料相搭配,设计师采用混凝土对房屋的砖石结构进行了改造,以及重新铸造了木框架,让其与整个房屋的木镶板结构相呼应。 锥形的垂直橡木杆作为多种尺度上的支撑,无论是会客厅的立柱,还是外部阳台柱以及楼梯栏杆都将它运用其上,这些橡木结构交替地与橡木梁相交,以获得支撑,同时两种材料相互对比,体现出空间中的纤细感。这样的结构也最大化了室内的采光效果和视线范围。

▼木质框架结构与木镶板相互呼应,wooden frame and wood paneling echo each other

▼锥形的垂直橡木杆作为楼梯栏杆,tapered oak verticals as the stair spindles

A series of air-dried oak beams make up the exposed primary structure spanning between the existing stone, and larger structural interventions within this masonry are made in in-situ concrete, cast against timber formwork echoing the timber panelling construction throughout the house. Tapered oak verticals are introduced as supports at multiple scales, from the primary drawing room column, to the external veranda posts, to the stair spindles, which are alternately splayed into the oak beams beneath for rigidity, enabling them to remain slender, maximising light & views through.

▼混凝土和木质材料相搭配应用于建筑中,concrete matching wood materials in the building

▼灰白双色调室内走廊,gray and white interior corridor

该项目延用了原有建筑的主要砌石墙,而不是将其拆除或重建,这样的改造方法将会让房屋很好的适应当地环境。 当外部温度变化时,宽阔厚实的石墙会稳定房屋内的温度,使房屋在冬季保持温暖,在炎热的夏季保持凉爽。原始建筑的风貌也得到保留。 建筑中所运用的木材都是可持续利用的,设计师还用200毫米厚的木纤维作为保温材料,在石板层之下包裹整个建筑,以保持整个建筑的透气性。 屋顶上的太阳能热板为加热系统提供能源输入,并且装置的相对隐蔽,不会对建筑外观产生影响。

Keeping the original massive primary masonry walls rather than demolishing and rebuilding brings significant environmental performance benefits. The very large thermal mass stabilises the temperatures inside the house while external temperatures fluctuate, keeping the house warmer in winter, and cooler in the hottest summer days. The embodied energy in the original construction is also retained. All of the timber is sustainably sourced. The whole building is wrapped with 200mm of wood fibre insulation beneath locally-sourced reclaimed slates maintaining the breathability of the whole construction. Solar thermal panels within the valley of the roof contribute significantly to the heating system, without being overtly present from the exterior.

▼由再生的Delabole板岩铺设的建筑立面,the facade recladding in reclaimed Delabole slate

▼室外木廊架,outdoor wooden gallery

▼一层平面图,the 1st floor plan

▼二层平面图,the 2nd floor plan

▼三层平面图,the 3rd floor plan

▼短剖面图,the short section

Structural Engineers: Price & Myers
M&E Engineers: Ritchie + Daffin
Landscape: Dan Pearson 
QS: Gleeds
Contractor: JE Stacey

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