Clinic in the woods, Japan by Takashige Yamashita Office

the treatment rooms mixed up with the small forests introduced in between the volumes

Project Specs


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The project is a pediatric dental & orthodontic clinic located in Saitama, Japan.  The area around the site has been largely occupied by zelkova trees for centuries, some of which still remains in the garden of the client. There stand residential properties and dentistry the client’s family has run for last 60 years surrounded by the greenery.

▼ 场地环境,the site ©Kenichi Suzuki


The existing clinic mainly offers regular dental care while it occasionally treats orthodontic and pediatric patients. Along with the increasing demands for latter services, the client decided to build an annex for dental and orthodontic treatments for children.

▼ 项目鸟瞰,the aerial view ©Kenichi Suzuki

▼ 建筑临街立面,the facade facing the street ©Kenichi Suzuki

▼入口处的茂密景观,lush view from the entrance ©Kenichi Suzuki


▼ 体块分析,diagram ©Kenichi Suzuki

We have suggested a clinic standing among and along with the plants around the site, as part of the flow of landscape from the client’s garden to the town. Mixed up with the small forests introduced in between the volumes and soaring through the roof, the treatment rooms offer a calm, comfortable scene embraced in nature that would soothe the anxiety of little patients. The shrubs also work as an adequate privacy safeguards for each area.

▼临街庭院,the main courtyard ©Kenichi Suzuki

▼屋顶形成悬臂篷,the roof forming a cantilever canopy at the entrance plaza ©Kenichi Suzuki

▼坡屋顶下的视角,view under the sloping roof © Kenichi Suzuki

▼ 诊室间的庭院空间,the courtyard between the treatment rooms © Kenichi Suzuki


Besides the dental practice, the clinic also provides a gym space for chiropractic and exercise programs planned in conjunction with medical treatments, based on a belief of the client in the idea “Oral health comes with overall physical and mental health.”

▼从庭院望向室内,view of the interior space from the courtyard © TYO

▼儿童诊疗空间,the pediatric room © Kenichi Suzuki

▼ 室内高差变换,the changing floor height © Kenichi Suzuki

▼ 落地窗展现庭院景致,the floor-to-ceiling windows showing the courtyard view © Kenichi Suzuki

▼正畸诊室,the orthodontic room © Kenichi Suzuki

▼等候室,the waiting lounge © Kenichi Suzuki

▼玩耍空间,the play room © TYO


The variety of material use on exterior/interior wall and floor of each volume and changing floor height gives the space a playful spirit the visitors may enjoy. The relationship between the roof and each volume also varies – touching at the edge, offset, cut by, penetrating through -, somehow all these elements are brought together under the soft silver roof floating over.

▼室内公共空间,the public spaces © TYO

▼木材细部,details © TYO


The continuing mountain-and-valley roof covering the rooms and courtyards is perforated occasionally allowing sunlight penetration to the ground floor, enough for growing plants underneath. Its folded shape, which resembles the gable roofs of the neighboring houses, structurally enables a self-supportive system with a minimum amount of column. The roof stretches out and forms a cantilever canopy at the entrance plaza and over the front garden open towards the street. Surrounded by greenery and trees, not only does the clinic create a relaxing atmosphere for young patients but it actually offers a space to embrace and grow them.

▼从办公室看庭院,view from the staff room © Kenichi Suzuki

▼折叠屋顶,the gable roofs © TYO

▼ 总平面图,general plan © Takashige Yamashita Office

▼ 平面图,plan © Takashige Yamashita Office

▼ 立面图,elevations © Takashige Yamashita Office

▼ 剖面图,section © Takashige Yamashita Office

Location: Niiza-shi, Saitama, Japan
Program: Dental Clinic
Site area: 789.50 m2
Building area: 430.88 m2
Total floor area: 299.38 m2
Structure/Scale: Steel/1 story
Completion: Nov. 2020

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