City in the Rain / Christophe Jacrot

Fascinating rain, raining into out heart.

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Christophe Jacrot (1960)是一位长居巴黎的摄影师,其作品在巴黎,纽约,波士顿和伊斯坦布尔得到过展出。从儿时起就开始摄影的他最爱两个元素:“天气”和“城市”。他一反传统,在坏天气的时候拍摄城市,展现出大地在雨或者风暴中那充满诗意的一面。他是一位善于等待和设置相机的摄影师,因为他总是能成功抓住转瞬即逝的魔力片刻,同时为了抓拍到好的香港雨景,他甚至辗转10家酒店,从不同的玻璃窗口找寻最棒的城市俯瞰视角。一般摄影师所钟爱的几何主题并不能满足Christophe Jacrot,他追寻得更多……



014-CJ2009_HK.Huile 1_570.small City in the Rain by Christophe Jacrot

Living in Paris, Christophe Jacrot (1960) is a renowned photographer who has exhibited his works in Paris, New York, Boston and Istanbul. He starts capturing his favorite moments, under the theme of weather and city, since young. However, unlike most photographers, he prefers rainy day, or even storms. He is patient enough to wait and shoot till his magic moment happens. And he visited 10 hotels in HongKong for one best shoot. He is not satisfied with the geometry that fascinated others.

Here we presented his selected photos taken in HongKong, Paris and India.

Fascinating rain, raining into out heart.

CJ_2009_HONGKONG_515_small City in the Rain by Christophe Jacrot

CJ_2012_TOKYO_012_small City in the Rain by Christophe Jacrot

CJ_3013_HONGKONG_007_small City in the Rain by Christophe Jacrot

CJ_2009_HONGKONG_357_SMALL City in the Rain by Christophe Jacrot

CJ_2009_HONGKONG_563SMALL City in the Rain by Christophe Jacrot

CJ_2010_INDE_DARJEELING_054_small City in the Rain by Christophe Jacrot

CJ_2010_INDE_KERALA_099_small City in the Rain by Christophe Jacrot

CJ_2009_HONGKONG_348_smal City in the Rain by Christophe Jacrot

CJ_3013_HONGKONG_008_small City in the Rain by Christophe Jacrot

Christophe Jacrot was born in 1960 and lives in Paris. He has been into photography since he was a child, but he made his name through cinema first. He has directed a number of short films, a lot of them having received prizes. One of them was Lifting (Special Jury Prize at the Avoriaz festival, and Press Prize at the Chamrousse festival in 1989); another was Soutien de Famille (First Youth Prize at the Montecatini festival in 1994, Special Public Prize in Prades in 1996). In 2000, he directed a full-feature movie Prison à Domicile, which also starred Elie Kakou in his last role.
However, Christophe Jacrot found it difficult to develop other projects at the cinema, and this in turn led him to photography, an art he can practice alone and with no constraints. His work on bad weather and downpours started when he was asked to take pictures of Paris in the sun for a travel guide. He explained how “the weather was desperately bad, and it gave [him] the desire to take an opposite stance to the traditional Paris photos and seize these atmospheres at it had rarely been done. [He] had in mind the fabulous portrait Henri Cartier-Bresson had taken of Giacometti under pouring rain, and of the photo of a man umping in front of a puddle at the Trocadero which Eliott Erwitt had taken.”
His first exhibit was called Paris in the Rain, at the Lucernaire in Paris, in October 2007; it immediately led to the publication of a book at le Chêne publications. Today, he has exhibits in Paris, New York, Boston, and Istanbul. Christophe Jacrot is a bad weather globe trotter who hunts the poetry of rain and storms on all the continents.
Eaux Fortes is Christophe Jacrot’s fourth exhibition at the Galerie de l’Europe in Paris’ 5 arrondissement. It followed Paris in the Rain (2008), Hong Kong in the Rain (2009) and Winter in Towns (2010).

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