City DNA art installation by Speech

The visualization of a modern metropolis.

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作为米兰设计周的一部分,年度杂志INTERNI的展于4月3日如期举行。今年的主题是“无形与有形”。建筑师Sergei Tchoban, Sergey Kuznetsov 和 Agnia Sterligova在展会中展示了“城市DNA”这一装置艺术。

艺术品由俄罗斯建筑设计师设计,由VELKO承制的装置艺术展示在米兰大学的一个小型庭院内。装置包括镜面和数字屏幕,这些组件将庭院空间分割成四部分,每一部分都通过装置展现自己有形和无形的一面。这个展品最主要的主题就是展现当代都市的形象:多媒体屏幕循环播放上海,纽约,莫斯科,米兰四座城市的影像材料。图片的尺寸持续变化:个别窗口和屋顶碎片的微型模式与宏伟的城市全景和影像插画交替展示,清晰的图像被模糊的代替。每一部分在几秒钟展示,一个或另一个城市细节的碎片变成模糊的图像 – 看起来很抽象,但仍然在其内部拥有其各自的特征。正是这种图片锐度的变化,使城市从有形变为无形。建筑师洞察了城市中的独有特性来完成这一作品。此外,建筑师设计师还在庭院的主入口设计了一个镜面构造,如海市蜃楼般出现在空间里,最终与文艺复兴时代的建筑融为一体。“城市DNA”装置是俄罗斯建筑师第六次在米兰参展的作品。展品将持续展示到4月15日晚上8点。

▼城市影像循环播放在多媒体屏幕上,the media screens broadcast video collages out of maps and photographs of four cities

008-City DNA art installation

038-City DNA art installation

041-City DNA art installation

050-City DNA art installation

▼停止播放时,屏幕将变化为镜面装置,the media screen becomes mirror when the video stops

007-City DNA art installation

005-City DNA art installation

▼夜景中的多媒体大屏持续播放,the media screen keep broadcasting during the night

019-City DNA art installation

▼夜间的镜面装饰映射周围景象,the mirror reflects the surroundings

017-City DNA art installation

021-City DNA art installation

On April 3 as part of Design Week in Milan the annual INTERNI magazine exhibition of art installations kicked off. This year the theme is MATERIAL/IMMATERIAL. Architects Sergei Tchoban, Sergey Kuznetsov and Agnia Sterligova have presented the City DNA installation at the exhibition

The art object created by the Russian architects and implemented by VELKO is located in the small inner courtyard Cortile del 700 at the University of Milan. The installation consists of mirrors and media screens: they divide the courtyard space into four sectors, each of which develops its own local transformation of material into the immaterial. Its main theme is the visualization of a modern metropolis: the media screens broadcast video collages out of maps and photographs of four cities – Shanghai, New York, Moscow and Milan. The scale of the images constantly changes: micro-patterns of individual windows and roof fragments alternate with grandiose panoramas and illustrations, while sharp images are replaced by blurred ones. In the fraction of a second a fragment of one or another city frozen in detail turns into a blurry image – seemingly abstract, yet still bearing within itself its individual features. It is in this transition from sharpness to out of focus, on the tenuous boundary of materiality and immateriality, that the architects examine the very DNA molecule in which the uniqueness of each city is encrypted. In addition, the architects constructed one of the sectors out of only a mirror surface so that from the side of the courtyard’s main entrance, the installation is perceived as a giant mirage, at once appearing in the space, and then completely merging with the chambered Renaissance courtyard..The City DNA installation is the sixth in a row implemented in Milan by the Russian architects. The exhibition MATERIAL/IMMATERIAL will run until April 15, 20 

Photos by ©Vasily Bulanov

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