Chicago City Pools by Missy Weimer

This solo exhibition highlights the collection with 19 photographs.

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards Missy Weimer for providing the following description:

Chicago City Pools was photographed from June to August 2010. Weimer photographed all 47 of Chicago’s outdoor public pools, traveling over 1,200 blocks north to south and 92 blocks from east to west. This solo exhibition highlights the collection with 19 photographs. Timeless images; mostly without indicators like cars, clothes or digital accessories, these images could have been made anytime in the last half century. Regionally ambiguous as well, they read as a portrait of urban America, taken in any major city in the United States. As a whole, the photographs paint a layered representation of the urban community: stoic architectural treatments of the pools, sans people; intimate portraits of kids and adults who frequent the pools; and finally, crowded pool shots of the varied demographic communities that occupy the pools at any given time 

Missy Weimer earned a Bachelors of Fine Art (BFA) from the School of the Art Institute ofChicago (2001), with a focus in photography and printmaking. Her style of photography canbest be described as documentary. Working mostly in series, her overall interest lies in thehuman condition.  For Weimer, this includes, but is not limited to, ideas about nostalgia,childhood, community and identity.  Her work takes many forms, including guerrilla publicinstallations, traditional gallery presentations and site specific installations

摄影师Missy Weimer的作品,她在2010年的6月至8月拍摄了芝加哥城所有的47个公共游泳池,途经从南到北1200个街区,从东到西92个街区。这些图像超越了时间,大多数情况下,里面涉及到的内容如汽车,衣服,数码配件,和50年前并无区别。而且其区位的含糊性可以让你理解成美国任何一个城市的景象。同时这些照片还折射了社会结构组成。

Missy Weimer 从芝加哥美院毕业后,将重心放在摄影与版画上。她主要拍摄纪实摄影,关注人,并围绕这个主题制作成系列的作品。对Missy Weimer来说,这不仅仅关乎怀旧,童年,群体还有个体。她的工作形式也相当广泛。


Opening Reception
3 JUNE 2011 5-8pm

3 – 17 JUNE 2011

1440 W. Hubbard
Chicago, IL 60642

MORE:Missy Weimer,更多请至: Missy Weimer on gooood

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