Cheese Bakery Cafe by Ira Lysiuk

A modern cozy cafe in the historic building

Project Specs


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Cheese Bakery cafe is located in the heart of Lviv city in a historic building of the 19th century. The brick walls of the room are riddled with history. We decided to preserve their original appearance as well as marble floors and windoor, a beautiful vaulted ceiling, and antique cast iron heating radiators.

▼空间概览,保留砖墙和大理石地面,overall view of the space, brick wall and marble flooring are restored ©Andriy Shustykevych


Despite the fact that the building is historical, the cafe is modern. This place is for people who adore delicious cuisine and a cozy atmosphere. We tried to avoid the feeling of a place of public catering. Therefore, in this interior, there are no identical chairs in a row. On the contrary, all the furniture, dishes, and lamps are different. All details work for a common goal which is to make a visitor feel as if he has come to visit his friends. That is why a soft deep sofa for a large company holds a central place. Imperfection is attracting.

▼空间中部设置大沙发,deep sofa in the center of the space ©Andriy Shustykevych

▼不同的座椅和随意的排放方式带来温馨舒适的感觉,different chairs casually placed in the space creating a cozy feeling ©Andriy Shustykevych

▼通往吧台区的过道,path towards the bar area ©Andriy Shustykevych

▼吧台与壁画细部,closer view to the bar and the painting ©Andriy Shustykevych

▼透明的厨房,transparent kitchen ©Andriy Shustykevych

混凝土和大理石瓷砖由Leoti Lviv制造厂生产,手工陶灯来自Yaglyna,镶嵌木桌来自GC Wood,装饰画由Kyiv艺术家Artem Prut绘制。此外,空间中还可以看到许多乌克兰主题的设计,如FILD,Nordwood,OdudLab,MonBon,MODI,ProPro的家具,等等。芝士面包房咖啡厅是大量年轻创意者工作的结晶。

Concrete and marble tiles created at the Leoti Lviv manufactory, handmade clay lamps from Yaglyna, wooden inlaid table GC Wood, paintings made by Kyiv artist Artem Prut, and a lot of Ukrainian subject design found its place in the interior: the FILD, Nordwood, OdudLab, MonBon, MODI, ProPro furniture… The Cheese Bakery cafe project is the result of the work of so many young and creative people.

▼家具和装饰细部,details of the furniture and decorations ©Andriy Shustykevych

▼卫生间,toilet ©Andriy Shustykevych

▼平面图,plan ©Ira Lysiuk

Design: Ira Lysiuk
Visualization: Natalia Bohuta
Drawing: Roman Kaplun
Foto: Andriy Shustykevych
Category: restaurant design
Project area: 145 м2
Realization year: 2019
Location: Ukraine, Lviv

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