Charles Library at Temple University in Philadelphia by Snøhetta

The parametric dynamic space under the box volume

Project Specs


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作为费城境内唯一一所公立大学——天普大学(Temple University)的一个世界级建筑设施,查尔斯图书馆不仅标志着天普大学和费城改革史的历史性时刻,更是世界各地高校图书馆发展史上的一个里程碑。

As a world-class facility for Philadelphia’s only public university, the project marks a transformative moment not only for the Temple University but also for the city, and for academic libraries around the world.

▼图书馆鸟瞰图,bird-eye’s view of the library © Michael Grimm

天普大学的查尔斯图书馆已于近日正式对外开放,以迎接2019年秋季学期。该图书馆位于天普大学主校区的中心地带,坐落于两条主要人行道——Polett Walk和Liacouras Walk的交汇处,为39,000多名独一无二的学生提供了一个全新的社交和学术中心。该图书馆和谐地融入费城的北部地带,距离费城的城市主干道Broad Street仅有一个街区。

▼图书馆表皮结构分析,diagram of the library skin © Snøhetta

Thursday, September 19, 2019 — The new Charles Library at Temple University has opened its doors for the start of the Fall 2019 semester. Sited at the intersection of two major pedestrian pathways, Polett Walk and Liacouras Walk, and at the nexus of Temple’s Main Campus, the project anchors a new social and academic heart for the university’s diverse student body of over 39,000. Woven into the fabric of North Philadelphia, the building sits just one block off of Broad Street, the connecting artery to the city.

▼图书馆外观,混凝土外壳与玻璃盒子体量相结合,exterior view of the museum, the concrete shell combines with the glass box © Michael Grimm

▼图书馆外观局部,不规则的外壳限定出图书馆入口,partial exterior view of the library, irregular shell defines the entrance © Michael Grimm

▼图书馆入口,内部采用木饰面,the entrance of the library with wooden interior veneer © Michael Grimm


▼图书馆首层空间造型分析,form analysis of the first level © Snøhetta

Within its dynamic urban context, Snøhetta’s design, developed in collaboration with Stantec, reinterprets the traditional typology of the research library as a repository for books, integrating the building with a diversity of collaborative and social learning spaces.

▼图书馆一层室内,参数化的大型木制构件分隔空间,partial interior view of the first level of the library, the large wooden component of parametric design defines the space © Michael Grimm

▼从图书馆上层空间俯瞰一二层空间,木条作的内饰面与大玻璃窗形成虚实结合的效果,overlooking the first and second levels from the upper level, the interior facade made of battens and large windows creates the relationship between the solid and the void © Michael Grimm

▼一二层空间局部,圆柱形洞口加强各楼层的视觉联系,partial interior view of the first and second levels, the cylindrical opening creates the visual connection © Michael Grimm

▼从二层通过大玻璃看一层和室外空间,viewing the first level and outdoor environment through the large windows of the second level © Michael Grimm

▼阅览区,采用木条天花板,the reading area with batten ceilings © Michael Grimm

此外,查尔斯图书馆的面积高达220,000平方英尺,与校园内建于20世纪60年代的佩利图书馆(Paley Library)相比,学习空间增加了一倍以上,据估算,每年将有超过500万的游客到此参观。该图书馆集众多的学术资料、学科内容和尖端技术于一身,以天普大学的进步为使命,为所有学生、教职人员和周边的社区提供了一个公平的学习环境。

And in offering more than double the amount of study spaces than its 1960s predecessor, Paley Library, the 220,000-square-foot Library anticipates over 5 million annual visitors. By uniting a plethora of academic resources, disciplines, and cutting-edge technology under one roof, Charles Library stewards Temple’s progressive mission to provide equitable learning experiences for its students, its faculty, and the surrounding community.

▼白色色调的阅览区,阳光透过立面上的窗户洒进室内,the reading area in the white tone, the sunlight penetrates into the interior space through glass openings on the facade © Michael Grimm

▼阅读区,the reading area © Michael Grimm

▼阅读区,视线通透采光良好,the reading area with a transparent visual effect and a good light environment © Michael Grimm

▼图书馆外观夜景,night view of the library © Michael Grimm

▼图书馆入口夜景,night view of the entrance of the library © Michael Grimm

▼总平面图,site plan © Snøhetta

▼一层平面图,1F plan © Snøhetta

▼二层平面图,2F plan © Snøhetta

▼三层平面图,3F plan © Snøhetta

▼四层平面图,4F plan © Snøhetta

▼东立面图,east elevation © Snøhetta

▼西立面图,west elevation © Snøhetta

▼南立面图,south elevation © Snøhetta

▼北立面图,north elevation © Snøhetta

▼剖面图——向北看,building section – looking north © Snøhetta

▼剖面图——向西看,building section – looking west © Snøhetta

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