Chaos and Frenzy restaurant by Carlos Segarra Arquitectos

Bathed in the warm natural light

Project Specs


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During the days of confinement, this project had to be carried out efficiently, quickly and with an economy according to the last events. It was intended to give the space a change to bring it closer to the roots of the Mediterranean tradition, but all the proposed approaches and materialities were affected by the lack of stock and delays in deliveries, practically forcing us to make decisions on site day by day.

▼餐厅概览,overview ©David Zarzoso


▼平面图,plan ©Carlos Segarra Arquitectos

The approach was simple, taking the guests to the perimeters in a way that allowed flexibility when distributing tables based on the number of people, and highlighting the kitchen as the core of the restaurant with a different and heavy materiality, since from its interior the whole proposal opens to the open space.

▼用餐空间:座位区设置在空间边缘,dining area:  taking the guests to the perimeters ©David Zarzoso

▼厨房作为空间核心采用了更加厚重的材料 ©David Zarzoso
the kitchen is the core of the restaurant with a different and heavy materiality

▼橱柜和装饰细节,the cabinet and decoration details ©David Zarzoso

▼餐桌细节,detailed view ©David Zarzoso


The ceramic finishes in combination with the cream tones give the space a warmth in line with the amount of natural light that enters through the windows, this being the main protagonist.

▼沐浴在阳光下的餐厅,the restaurant space bathed in sunlight ©David Zarzoso

Nombre del Proyecto | Project Name: Chaos and Frenzy
Nombre Oficina de Arquitectura | Office name: Carlos Segarra | arquitectos
Sitio Web oficina | Office website:
E-mail contacto oficina | Office e-mail:
Arquitectos autores de la obra | Architect in charge: Carlos Segarra
Ubicación | Location: Valencia, Spain
Año de construcción | Year: 2020
Superficie construida: (m2): 120
Fotógrafo | Photographer: David Zarzoso

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