Green-colored perforated aluminum sheets make the vibrant and multi-hued facade

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The project involves the enlargement of CEVIV winery in Susegana (Treviso) in two phases. The first provides a new office building and an open-air platform for 20 wine-tanks and autoclaves, the second another platform for 24 new tanks.

▼项目外观,exterior view ©[ab]


The project’s main idea is to have the facade of the offices block and the enclosure of the platforms with the same cladding, in order to have a “volume” with a unique treatment. The solution we chose is a cladding with green-colored perforated aluminum sheets to recall the logo of the firm. The perforated panels allow slight see-through playing with transparency and light. The holes of the perforated panels have different sizes making the facade vibrant and multi-hued.

▼一期新建平台外观:使用绿色的穿孔铝板,exterior view of the platform of the first phase: using green-colored perforated aluminum sheets ©[ab]


▼办公楼外观,exterior view of office building ©[ab]

The offices block has three floors plus a terrace on the roof. The glazed ground floor has a step back from the higher floors which are cantilever on south and west side. A glazed atrium with lift connects to the existing winery, from here you gain access to all the offices floors, to the existing warehouse and to the new wine-tanks platform. On ground floor there is a reception and a laboratory, on first floor an open-space office and a closed master-office, while on second floor there is a small tasting-room and an apartment for the keeper.

▼办公楼首层采用玻璃围合,从上层建筑的外墙处向内缩进,the glazed ground floor has a step back from the higher floors ©[ab]

▼办公楼入口,the entrance of the office building ©[ab]

▼办公楼入口细部,details of the entrance of the office building ©[ab]

▼办公楼夜景,night view of the office building ©[ab]


The base of the platforms is a solid concrete wall poured on foam matrix resulting in a striped texture like cut stone in cave.

▼二期平台外观,exterior view the platform built in the second phase ©[ab]

▼铝板上孔洞的大小不一,创造出色调丰富、富有活力的建筑立面,the holes of the perforated panels have different sizes making the facade vibrant and multi-hued ©[ab]

▼平台基底由坚实的混凝土墙制成,表面有条纹纹理,the base of the platforms is a solid concrete wall with a striped texture ©[ab]

▼二期平台空间入口,the entrance of the platform space created in the second phase ©[ab]

▼平台内部空间,interior view of the platform ©[ab]

▼平台外夜景灯光变化,the light environment outside the platform space during the night ©[ab]

▼平面图,floor plan


▼立面细节图,facade details

Project name: Ceviv winery
Project location: Susegana (Treviso), Italy
Completion Year: 2018
Gross Built Area (square meters or square foot): 4,800 m²
Lead Architects: Arch. Nicola Isetta, Arch. Paola Rebellato
Structural Design: Ing. Alessandro Michielin
Client: CE.VI.V Srl
Photo credits: Alessandra Bello


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