CASAPLATA, Seville, Spain by Lucas y Hernández-Gil Studio

A unique style comes from a futuristic perspective

Project Specs


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Appreciation towards Lucas y Hernández-Gil Studio for providing the following description:


CASAPLATA is a restaurant and cocktail bar in the very center of Seville. In this context a lot of restaurants are looking for a historical revival from the past. In contrast, our project is betting on the future, avoiding nostalgia and looking for our own and singular image. As Georgio Morandi’s still lives, this project can be defined as some strong color pieces that stand out over a silver gray atmosphere. All these with the aim of reinforcing the gastronomical experience by blurring the lines of the environment to focus on what is within reach. On this underdone stage appear vaporous furniture made on colored perforated sheet.


▼吧台区,the bar area

▼吧台区另一端特别的包间设计,a private dinning area beside the bar


▼从吧台一侧的圆形墙洞看包间,looking at the private room through the circle cut-out of the wall

▼包间内部,inside of the private dinning area


▼入口处的餐桌与圆镜,tables at the entry and the circle mirror

▼靠窗区域,dinning area besides the street windows


▼夜晚灯光效果,lighting effects at night

▼整体空间渲染图,perspective rendering for space overview

▼室内空间+人的尺度,interior space and human scale

▼设计3D模型,3D modeling for the design

▼设计轴测分析图,axonometric analysis diagram

More: Lucas Y Hernández-Gil Studio,更多关于他们:Lucas y Hernández-Gil Arquitectos on gooood

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