Casa Verne / Zeller & Moye

A secluded oasis within the buzzing city centre.

Project Specs


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A townhouse from the 1930s, situated in a quiet setting inside a shared courtyard right in the centre of Mexico City, is transformed into a family home. The house is vertically organised along three levels, each with a distinct character: functional service spaces on the ground level, family life on the upper level, and retreat to privacy on the roof garden level.

▼ 屋顶花园鸟瞰,the private garden in the centre of Mexico City ©Juan Carlos Garza

▼ 喧闹城市中一片安静的绿洲,a secluded oasis within the buzzing city centre ©Juan Carlos Garza

▼ 屋顶花园的天井为下层空间带去自然的元素,part of the space is cut into the building to create a natural atmostphere ©Juan Carlos Garza

▼ 天井使得下层具有更充沛的自然光,the opening lit the lower level ©Omar Muñoz

▼ 与屋顶花园相连的主卧,master bedroom is located at the end of the garden ©Omar Muñoz


A derelict existing structure was freed from excessive internal walls to create generous living spaces. Patios and openings for roof lights were cut into the building to maximize daylight in the previously dimly lit lower levels. A new floor was added to the top of the existing building by introducing a large overhang roof made of white concrete, providing shadow for the fully glazed interior spaces that benefit from softly moderated daylight. The new rooms are designed with minimal features to enhance the presence of the green roof garden. Full height sliding glass screens all across the top floor open up panoramic views into the rich greenery giving the impression of a secluded oasis within the buzzing city centre.

▼ 主卧室的景色,the view in the master bedroom ©Omar Muñoz

▼ 主卧附属的洗手间,the main bathroom ©Omar Muñoz

▼ 位于顶层楼梯,the staircase ©Omar Muñoz


All new additions are realized in white marble concrete to achieve a contemporary environment with a fresh character. Besides the new roof the entire flooring is realized from cut marble pebbles in direct reference to Mexico City’s lost river beds and lakes that used to form the landscape before the city was established. Furthermore an in-situ concrete bench and table were cast into a niche within the garden. A new spiral stair connects the art deco lower floors with the contemporary garden level letting daylight pass down from roof lights above the stairs. Spaces within the existing structure were joined and revamped with new window openings, wooden flooring, a new fire place, built-in furniture and brass lamps specifically designed for the project.

▼ 连接顶层和一层的楼梯,the stairs connect the first and second floor ©Omar Muñoz


▼ 走下楼梯进入一层,the stairs lead to the first floor ©Omar Muñoz

▼ 一层室内,the interior of the first floor ©Omar Muñoz

▼ 一层引入户外的环境,the first floor are connected to the natural environment by the openings ©Omar Muñoz


▼ 玄关,the entryway ©Omar Muñoz

▼ 平面,plan

Casa Verne_Zeller & Moye_Ground Floor_©Zeller & Moye

Casa Verne_Zeller & Moye_First Floor_©Zeller & Moye

Casa Verne_Zeller & Moye_Second Floor_©Zeller & Moye

▼ 剖面,section

Casa Verne_Zeller & Moye_Section B_©Zeller & Moye     Casa Verne_Zeller & Moye_Section A_©Zeller & Moye

Project Title: Casa Verne
Project Type: private residence
Location: Colonia Polanco, Ciudad de México
Architects: Zeller & Moye, Mexico / Berlin,,
Team: Ingrid Moye, Christoph Zeller, Omar G. Muñoz, Emma Woodward, Daniel Aguilar Zeller & Moye, 
Landscape: Entorno Taller de Paisaje
Contractor : Factor Eficiencia
Size: 460 m2 (house: 335 m2, garden: 125 m2)
Status: completed (February 2017)
Date: Oct 2014 – Feb 2017

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